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Outfitter Review - Revelation Mountain Oufitting

Submit Date: Nov 11, 2009

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Revelation Mountain Oufitting

Outfitter / Contact: Tony Dingess

Location: Alaska, U.S.A.

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Dall Sheep

Game Quality: didn't get to go

Game Quantity: not applicable

Accomodations: not applicable

Camp Condition: not applicable

Food Quality: not applicable

Guide Experience: none offered

Other Personal Experience: none

Review Information

Hunter: Lorne Dewar

Phone: 780-790-7154


Would Recommend: not on your life

Overall Impression: terrible possiblitiies

I had booked a Dall sheep hunt with Tony Dingess in the spring of 2008. I had sent in my deposit and then in June of 2008 is sent him the remainder of the hunt price in advance. I did not receive an itinerary from him or hear anything except when i looked on his website blog it stated he was in transition. I called him and asked for details. I got a real song and dance from him. We communicated back and forth with him talking about a lot of hopes he had in the works. He said everything depended on another outfitter taking over his hunts. I told him i did not want a maybe hunt at a possible later date. I raised a complaint about him with the Alaska licensing board. The investigator contacted tony and suggested he pay me back. I received an email from Tony stating that seeing I had cancelled my hunt with him he had no choice but to pay me back. To date I have received a thousand dollars back and have not heard a thing from him since. The date is Nov. 11/09. This fellow has guided some hunts this spring and he continues to advertise on his website. I have been in contact with a couple of the other people he had contracts from last year with and have not heard too much good from them. I would not recommend this fellow. I do not feel he should be outfitting. Tony still owes me a large amount of money and i intend to contact the licensing board again and have them look into this. This had been my once in a lifetime dream and he took that away from me as well as my money. I am bitter.

Outfitter Response: While Mr. Dewar has a legitimate complaint against our outfit in regards to an immediate refund of his hunt payment, we would at least like to clarify that he was offered the same trip for the following year. Mr. Dewar did book with us for a discounted sheep hunt at $6,000 which we offered after our area in the Chugach Mountains went to a draw. Mind you that this $6,000 hunt offering was the average price of a sheep hunt in the mid-1990's. We had several other hunters booked during this time and they were all accommodating when we suffered some setbacks in our business after the spring of 2008, one of these setbacks being stiffed for nearly $10,000 by a client. All that being said, Mr. Dewar would not allow us to re-schedule and we were not able to refund his monies immediately. He pursued action against us with the Big Game Commercial Services Board (after I had already began making payments to him) and we entered into a legal consent agreement with the BGCSB to repay him according a schedule that the board deemed acceptable. It is certainly regrettable to us that Mr. Dewar pursued this course of action, rather than giving us the option of hunting the following year, but that being said, we acknowledge our fault in not being able to issue an immediate refund to him.

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