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Outfitter Review - Panhandle Outfitters

Submit Date: Nov 10, 2009

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Panhandle Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Tom Loder

Location: Idaho, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Elk / Bear

Game Quality: 1 Elk in 6 days ! Poor

Game Quantity: No other game seen in 6 days

Accomodations: Barely satisfactory

Camp Condition: Barely satisfactory

Food Quality: Reasonable

Guide Experience: satisfactory

Other Personal Experience: Owner lost on 1st day out

Review Information

Hunter: Ron Sanger

Phone: 231-571-3858


Would Recommend: No Way

Overall Impression: very poor opportunities

I was one of eight hunters who took a bull elk, none of the others even had a sighting in 6 days, 1 hunter took an average whitetail.Wolfs in the area apparently a huge problem in the panhandel hunt area 6-7 of Idaho! I've tried to contact the owner several times since the hunt to have pictures emailed from harvest sight with no responce. Also while at the butcher in Cor'Delene this jerk Tom Loder, the owner bragged to his friend the butcher how he fried my ass the first day out, not knowing I could over hear him.

Outfitter Response: As a remedy I can offer several references from the same hunt, who would be happy to share their positive experience with you. Three of these hunters have become repeat hunters since that hunt. As an outfitter with a quarter of a century of satisfied hunting clients it is sad that I nor anyone in camp could satisfy this individual, and after taking a trophy bull of a lifetime can announce to the world such an unfair and distorted view of our hunting outfit. Mr. Sanger was a first time elk hunter who came to the hunt an angry man, having just lost his marriage and his job. Everyone in camp bent over backwards to try to make him happy and could not. He did not mention that the Bull Elk he shot had the largest inside spread ever measured in any of the Coeurd’Alene taxidermy’s or that I told him to keep his tip so he could afford at least to have a European Mount of this tremendously wide trophy elk. I admit the weather during the hunt was some of the worst we have ever had and not conducive to high success. Mr. Sanger was intimidated by the mountains, walked less than a half a mile the first day, and quit hunting and wanted to stay in camp the rest of the time. Only through extreme coaxing did I get him out one more time which resulted in a trophy of a lifetime. I am in the business to satisfy clients and have a solid reputation of doing so. Sorry that Mr. Sanger is angry with life, and that a trophy bull of a lifetime nor anyone in camp could please him. As far as me being lost or taking him beyond his capability to fry him is as absurd as the rest of his story. Tom LoderPanhandle Outfitters Inc.888-300-HUNT(4868)

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