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Outfitter Review - Buck Country Outfitters

Submit Date: Sep 29, 2009

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Buck Country Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Pat/Ken Willis

Location: Kentucky, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetails

Game Quality: Good

Game Quantity: Good

Accomodations: average

Camp Condition: average

Food Quality: average to good

Guide Experience: Good

Other Personal Experience: n/a

Review Information

Hunter: T. West



Would Recommend: yes

Overall Impression: good for the price

I hunted Sept 09 with Ken and Pat Willis of Buck Country Outfitters. Pat Willis is nationally known with a former outdoor TV show and several hunting videos to his credit. He has been interviewed for hunting articles by some of the more famous outdoor publications. OK. To the hunt. We hunted the early season opener in Kentucky. This was booked as a fully guided hunt with the proviso that once you are shown your stands you are responsible for getting to them. Most of the stands are set up with speed rails and quality hang on stands. We hunted the full moon which did not help. The accomodations are two man rooms with six bowhunters in camp. Pat and Ken have rifle farms, but there is also a large acreage bowhunting only area with a 130 inch minimum. The area is planted with food plots and has a large number of mast bearing trees. Acorns were dropping everywhere which also made this bowhunt tough. The winter before there was a bad ice storm which knocked down trees everywhere. Pat and Ken claimed they were using chain saws all summer just to be able to get to some of their stand areas. They also stated that they just didn't seem to be able to put out the usual number of trail cameras this year. I think perhaps these gentlemen didn't get out and scout enough because the deer just were not hitting the food plots. Deer sightings were few and far between. I was extremely lucky to have seen many more deer than anyone else in camp. This was not because of any special hunting prowess on my part. The other hunters in camp were all excellent bow shots and experienced hunters. It was just dumb luck for me. I saw a number of does and small bucks. The last night of the hunt I elected to go back to a stand where I had seen a small five point and a doe previously. That was the night. I saw a 150 class buck across a field. The plot I was hunting over suddenly had ten deer in it, including 5 bucks. I managed to kill a 9 pointer and was darn glad to get it. A tough hunt had come to a close. The fee for the early season hunt is 1000 bucks. If you come during the rut it is 1800 dollars. There are definitely some monsters on these properties and the acreage is all connected. It is several thousand acres. The accomodations are small two man rooms. Absolutely nothing fancy. The lodge is a small house, nothing elaborate. One bathroom for six hunters is kind of tough. There is a washer and dryer for your use. The food consists of pastries and cold cereal for breakfast. Lunch is cold cuts for sandwiches. Dinner is hit and miss. One night there was a pot of chilli for six guys. Another night there was chicken and biscuits (good meal) another night hamburgers, another night a ham dinner which was fantastic. Ken's wife Missy does most of the cooking and if she isn't there that night you will definitely miss her. A super nice lady. Ken is a great guy and one of those people you can't help but like. Pat is more the salesman. Bottom line: would I recommend the place? Yes. If I go back I would prefer the rut. There are some huge deer there, no question. I saw two shooters personally and the 150 I saw convinced me. Let's face it, bucks that big are just not that plentiful. If I managed to see that when the hunting was tough, during 80 degree days, what would I see during November? I may have to go back and find out someday.......

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