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Outfitter Review - Leaf River Lodge

Submit Date: Sep 28, 2009

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Leaf River Lodge

Outfitter / Contact: Alain Tardif

Location: Quebec, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Caribou

Game Quality: Below average until the last 30 minutes of the week

Game Quantity: Maybe 300

Accomodations: Better than I am used to

Camp Condition: Adequate

Food Quality: Fantastic

Guide Experience: From 1 year to 30+ years, but

Other Personal Experience: Good

Review Information

Hunter: Robert Silha

Phone: (630) 479-2175


Would Recommend: Yes

Overall Impression: Highs and lows, but I guess that is caribou hunting

It has been tough to write this review. In the end, I took home trophies that I am very happy with, but that isn't all that matters. There are some really high marks received for things such as the food (don't plan on losing weight during this hunt), the work ethic and kind hearts that the guides have. The only negative impressions left on me was due to the uncertainty of every aspect. But as the week went on, I think more and more, that when it comes to caribou hunting and weather in the North, there is no certainty. It seemed that everything was continuously changing and we never new the reasons why. When I say continuously changing, I mean on a 5 minute basis. But again, we were told over and over again that the caribou is a strange animal and much that they do is unexplainable. Day 1: Our group of 6 hunters flew into Camp #4 after having some changes in which groups were going which camps. Day 2: Took the boats out and did some hiking and glassing with no sightings. Day 3: Half of our group made a move to find 3 average bulls while the remainder stayed at camp finding one B&C black bear and 2 average bulls. Day 4: The other half of our group was moved to a different camp (Arbic) where caribou WERE earlier. We hiked 13 or so miles seeing a few cows and calves and my harvest of a nice black bear. In the meantime, the half that stayed at our original camp saw thousands of animals right behind camp harvesting 2 really nice bulls. Day 5: The half at Arbic hiked another 12 or so miles seeing just a few cows and calves. Day 6: We moved back to Camp #4 getting back with our group, but wasting 2/3 of the day in the process. With some hussle and hard work, we filled our tags with a couple good bulls at the tail end of the herd that moved through in the last minutes. We did also take a 3rd black bear on this day. Day 7: Back to Montreal.

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