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Outfitter Review - Grand River Outfitters

Submit Date: Nov 26, 2008

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Grand River Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Don Cox

Location: Missouri, US

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: deer

Game Quality: good

Game Quantity: low

Accomodations: poor

Camp Condition: poor

Food Quality: poor

Guide Experience: below poor non existent

Other Personal Experience: poor

Review Information

Hunter: jay crumpler

Phone: 704-281-6316


Would Recommend: absolutely not

Overall Impression: very poor

Listed below are the misrepresentation that Grand River Outfitters presents in person and on the website. 1. no guide or semi guided hunts 2. some of the pictures on internet and at his lodge are from locals deer harvest. 3. trail cam pics are from a wildlife refuge 4. accomodations 1 bathroom to 16 hunters 5. advertises 1 buck and a doe well aftr the buck he does not want you to kill a doe 6. doe to buck ratio is way out of wack 1:10 or 15 I would guess 7. Harvest percentage is very low and will not move a hunter from a stand for 3 days. 8. Owner Don Cox first thing he ask for is your money and never has any conversation with you regarding satisfaction of any hunter. 9. hunts are over booked had 48 one week and 62 another. 10. no help at all from staff from getting game out of field or to the processor 11. had a hole in back with 15 + dead deer that the heads had been cut off. This was a total waste of good deer meat. 12. Don Cox the owner is hunting and this is the reason paid guest never see him to go over any concerns.

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