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Outfitter Review - Big Sky Guide and Outfitter

Submit Date: Nov 2, 2008

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Big Sky Guide and Outfitter

Outfitter / Contact: Tom Brogan

Location: Montana, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Elk, Muley/Whitetail

Game Quality: Poor

Game Quantity: Poor

Accomodations: Poor

Camp Condition: Poor

Food Quality: Avg

Guide Experience: Avg

Other Personal Experience: Avg

Review Information

Hunter: Chris Townsend



Would Recommend: No

Overall Impression: Poor

How this guy has been in businees since 1939 is beyond me. Tom Brogans representations of his Outfitting business is a complete scam. He's all about moving as many hunters as he can thru his barebone operations during the big game season. Let me share a little of my story with you.... ) Four guys left the first day because of the poor accomodations. ) Two guys left 2 days later because of the lack of game and accomodations. )Guide to hunter ratio was around 5 guys to every one guide and even then all the guide did was drop you off on the top of a small section of mountain and tell you he'd see you at 4 p.m. at the bottom of the hill. The guides were all very nice but had WWWAAAYYYY to many hunters for the amount of ground they had access to.... I feel sorry for the guys 2 weeks from now who will be hunting the same piece of ground 40 other hunters have tramped around on before them! ) Toms idea of "private" land were small sections of leased land in the middle of public hunting areas. Don't even ask how many hunters we saw opening day. ) Kool aid was served with every meal and his idea of "happy hour" was luke warm bush beer in a metal bowl. ) After 4 days of hunting 20 some hunters saw one bull, a few cows in the next county and no mule deer. Tom also offered hunting on his leases on the low lands but nothing of any quality was seen. I could go on and on but suffice to say, Tom Brogans Guide and Outfitting is all "smoke and mirrors". I have a suggestion... Get out of the business

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