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Outfitter Review - Total Outdoor Adventures

Submit Date: Oct 11, 2008

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Total Outdoor Adventures

Outfitter / Contact: Vince Cocciolo

Location: BC, cananda

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: elk/mulies

Game Quality: none!!!

Game Quantity: none!!!

Accomodations: decent

Camp Condition: ok

Food Quality: good

Guide Experience: poor!!

Other Personal Experience: ok

Review Information

Hunter: dave bux

Phone: 267-253-8601


Would Recommend: no!!

Overall Impression: waste of money

i booked a elk/mulie hunt. when i got in my guides truck to go hunting there was a dvd on the front seat titled HOW TO FIND AND LOCATE ELK not a good sign.the guides woodsmanship skills were poor at best(good thing i had a gps)she had to radio in to base camp to get directions to the area we were going to hunt,i asked her what that was about and she told me I,M NOT FAMILAR WITH THE TERRITORY!not a confidence builder .the guide told me she was the horse person (wrangler)but was asked to guide by vince when another guide had quit in the middle of pevious week. that explains why she cared more about taking care of the horses than hunting.on the last day of my hunt i saw the only animal i saw the entire hunt a goat about 1/2 mile away,the guide asked me to get out my spotting scope (why she didn't have one?)so she could look at the goat i asked her why? she told me they had a goat hunter comming in next week!i asked her if she had a hunter last week spotting game for me? since this was the only game i saw all week and i was after elk/mulies. i asked vince about the dvd he told me that he also watches these dvd's i talked to vince about the horse senario and how it worked when i hunted in montana and he told me i should hunt in montana then! many more things feel free to call me about more details 267 253 8601

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