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Outfitter Review - Keith Johns Outdoors

Submit Date: Apr 24, 2008

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Keith Johns Outdoors

Outfitter / Contact: Keith Johns

Location: Texas, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Exotics

Game Quality: Good

Game Quantity: Fair

Accomodations: Good

Camp Condition: Very Good

Food Quality: N/A

Guide Experience: N/A

Other Personal Experience: N/A

Review Information

Hunter: Don DeMatto

Phone: (517)647-0146


Would Recommend: Yes

Overall Impression: Excellent

Just completed a 4 day hunt at Keith Johns Outdoors (bowhunting only) ranch outside of Floresville TX. There were 3 of us on the hunt. I wanted a nice Corsican Ram, while the other two wanted to score on either a Blackbuck or Axis buck. Green up was just beginning in this heavily covered (with thick tangles of mesquite) area. We saw good amounts of game on almost every day and on the 2nd day of the hunt I scored on my Corsican. The same day my cousin missed what he described as a 20+ inch Black Buck and my uncle passed on a 20 inch Black buck. Day three my cousin arrowed a 20 inch Black buck. My uncle never did score, however his sights were set for very nice (silver + SCI) score. We saw many critters, however the larger animals were only seen at night, ussually while returning to camp after evening hunt. There were impressive axis, rams, goats, and blackbuck on this property. Keith went out of his way to show us a good time and we all left stating we would be back. Keith did all he could to position us for the quarry we wanted. Unfortunately with the green up occurring, many animals would stay in the cover until after dark. There were also Red Stag, Fallow and Aoudad on the property. Keiths prices are very reasonable and his listed price is what you pay. There is no trophy fee!!!!On the bad side was the fact that there were many goats that would attack the feeders after they went off and they would devour the feed prior to other animals getting to the area if the goats arrived first. But all in all they were not a real issue. og hunting is included in the packages and we ended up arrowing 4.

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