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Outfitter Review - Apache Park Outfitters

Submit Date: Feb 18, 2008

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Apache Park Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Rick Sears

Location: Colorado, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Elk, Mule Deer

Game Quality: none seen

Game Quantity: none seen

Accomodations: condemned

Camp Condition: poor

Food Quality: good

Guide Experience: fair

Other Personal Experience: poor

Review Information

Hunter: Gerry Newell

Phone: 607 738-4174


Would Recommend: Absolutely Not!!!

Overall Impression: generally poor

I went on a trophy elk/mule deer hunt with Apache Park Outfitters approximately two years ago. Half way to the camp site Rick called and redirected us from New Mexico to Colorado because he "hadn't seen any game in New Mexico in weeks". Not knowing the difference, we agreed. He had also assured us that he had accommodations for handicapped hunters. He sure did! If you call sitting on a stone pile all day in the middle of a field to be handicap accommodations. I personally never saw an animal nor did my son. My son in law shot a beautiful elk on a piece of land they had no right to be on and had to pay the owner $500 for an animal that another hunter shot in the same place. (A tresspass fee they called it). It was a disaster and as I was unable to participate, it was simply a huge waste of my money. Rick refused to refund anything even though he had guaranteed all three of us trophy elk and trophy mule deer. What a rip off. I will probably never have another opportunity to take a trip like this due to my health and I feel that we were cheated in the worst way. What started out to be a memorable experience for me, my son, and my son in law turned out to be the biggest disappointment of my life. Oh, by the way, the accommodations turned out to be a rat infested old deserted house that had been condemned and we had to stay in a flea-bag motel during the hunt. (No heat - no hot water). I wish I could tell everyone in the world what a louse and cheat this Rick Sears and his Apache Park Outfitters are!

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