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Outfitter Review - Illinois Xtreme Whitetails

Submit Date: Feb 14, 2008

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Illinois Xtreme Whitetails

Outfitter / Contact: Robin Welch

Location: IL, united states

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: whitetail

Game Quality: none

Game Quantity: none

Accomodations: excellent

Camp Condition: great

Food Quality: good when served

Guide Experience: what guides they were hunting

Other Personal Experience: concerned where they would hun

Review Information

Hunter: Kevin Davis



Would Recommend: no!!!!

Overall Impression: didn

I bought this hunt at a show in Mobile, Al. I've always wanted to hunt in Pike county and did I ever get my wish. I showed up a the lodge in Baylen, Il, and it was a superb place, and that is were the good part ended. I was there for the opening 3 days of gun season. I was told when I purchased the hunt there would be 24 hunters in camp. Boy was that just a little off, when you counted the guides and the friends from Mississippi, and the guys from the other camp the grand total was over 70. That ain't crap to the next thing that happen, Some of us hunters were standing there to see what was being served for dinner that night and the guide told us we would have to finn for ourselves, because they were in a transition period. After that I ganged up with some other guys from north Alabama to go eat and they told me they had been there for 3 days and had only seen a couple of deer. By this time I was getting worried. The next day the so called guide took me and another guy to show us our farm we were to hunt, It looked okay, maybe I was worried for no reason.He showed us on the map where the stands were and that was that. Back at the camp that night I was talking to another hunter who was bow hunting and she said her and her friend had been hunting that farm all week and had crippled one buck and shot some does and kill another buck and that the group there the week before had kill 3 bucks and 4 or 5 does off of it, Now this farm is only 103 acres. The next morning I went to the stand he told me was the best and I set from daylight to dark and seen 1 turkey. That night when I got back to lodge I was expecting to see a bunch of bucks laying there on the ground out of all of those hunters, they had killed 2 bucks, both on the same farm. later while eating dinner that they decided to serve, Most everyone had the same impression I had OVERHUNTED big time. The next day I sat until 12 noon and that was all I could take. I went back to the lodge and they had killed 1 more buck, not bad with 70 hunters in the peak of the rut, opening day of season in Pike county! LOL.I decided to pack up and leave, don't waste your time or money with these clowns I really hope someone tell them about this and they read it. I want everyone to know what kind of operation these guys run.

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