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Outfitter Review - Ford Creek Ranch

Submit Date: Jan 10, 2008

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Ford Creek Ranch

Outfitter / Contact: Liz/Travis Barker

Location: Montana, U.S.

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Elk/Mule deer

Game Quality: Great bucks! Rag bull's

Game Quantity: lot's of deer! 4 rag bull's

Accomodations: Poor to say the least.

Camp Condition: Very well maintained

Food Quality: Cook was great

Guide Experience: VERY!!! VERY!!! POOR!!!!

Other Personal Experience: very friendly

Review Information

Hunter: Tony Mouncer

Phone: 1-360-533-6190


Would Recommend: No!! Unless owners change.

Overall Impression: Not what is advertised....

I did harvest a very respectable muley 30 7/8 wide. 4x5 and kickers on both side's with eyeguards. BC score 183 5/8". This deer was a 9 year quest that I have been on and should have been the high of my life. Not so!!! As far as Ford creek goes. Find a map. Find Ford creek. Apply. Get tag. Go!!! It is all public access right down to the ranch that sit's in a tiny land withholding through the state. Travis is a great salesman and if B.S. was a blizzard he would be the king of snow! Go sell cars Travis!! For my guide Larry Zinger Very very good. We had our out's but mangaged to get it together every time. Larry was very skilled with the wilderness,horses and did just fine. Just needed more time in the area. Lack of area knowledge hurt this hunt, but was not his fault. Travis once again say's who goes where. There is game in this area! You do have to work! It's the Rocky Mountains for Christ sake! Cold. Snowy. and did I say cold! You do not need outfitter if your willing to work and be prepare for extreme weather -12 several days. My Opinion!! This is a migration hunt only and tough country. Come prepared and Don't book with Ford creek unless it changes hand's. there is word that Barker's are selling out imagine that!

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