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Outfitter Review - D&G Outfiters

Submit Date: Jan 2, 2008

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: D&G Outfiters

Outfitter / Contact: Grant Gustafson

Location: Ontario, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Game Quality: None

Game Quantity: None

Accomodations: Good

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: Good

Guide Experience: Limited

Other Personal Experience: Limited

Review Information

Hunter: Tom LaBarre

Phone: 612-386-0121


Would Recommend: No

Overall Impression: Poor

Bow hunted three of seven day planned hunt and did not see a deer. Grant said he had been baiting for deer but Bears were hitting bait so he quit until I arrived. No evidence that any baiting was done at all. I was scheduled to return later in the season, however decided against it because of the first exeperience. I did not request any refund on $2,800 hunt, however did ask that he return a Hunting Pack and knife I left at camp. Grant said he would mail back to me right away. Six weeks later still have not received anything and have left follow messages with no response. In fairness to Grant I believe he has shot some nice Bucks himself, but my experience by far was the worst I have had of 6 different guided hunts!

Outfitter Response: tom labarre booked an early whitetail hunt with me, i cannot control what mother nature throws at us, and yes i had bears coming to the bait sites this is NW ontario remember, sorry cant please everyone. There are many hunters that come up hunting to Canada and dont see a deer in 7 days, he only hunted 3 so actually he only gave me a 50% chance. He should have hunted the full hunt, instead he only hunted 3 days out of a 6 day hunt, sounds like he expected me to have one tied up for him, thats not hunting. My opinion of him is he had very little hunting experience, he was hunting ontario not kansas, this is bush country not open fields, there might have been deer all around him that he didnt see. The effort he put into this hunt, well there wasnt any as far as im conserned.He could have come back later on but HE chose not to. HE could have come back on any given week HE chose not to, HE booked early, HE left early,HE had the chance to come back,HE didnt, so instead of talking to me HE would rather cut ME and my BUSINESS down to the public cause thats who he is i guess. On the other important subject, i guess he knows how long it takes to recieve a package through the mail sent from canada to the usa, a long time, was i supposed to fed x it, wow i cant imagine how much wine he goes through in a week. Oh buy the way im so sorry for the good food, the good accomodations, and the 50% chance on getting Tom Labarre a nice deer , sounds like a terrible hunt, oh and thanks for sharing this to the public.Tom you should be ashamed to call yourself a hunter

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