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Outfitter Review - Triple Three Outfitters

Submit Date: Nov 9, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Triple Three Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Craig Smith

Location: Wyoming, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Mule Deer - Antelope

Game Quality: Excellent

Game Quantity: Excellent

Accomodations: Good

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Good

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Good

Review Information

Hunter: Dell Hackett

Phone: (541) 935-2966


Would Recommend: Yes

Overall Impression: Excellent

I booked the 5 day Antelope/Mule Deer combo hunt opening week (Oct. 1 to Oct.5, 2007). I shot a nice 13" antelope buck on opening day at about 7:30 am (lazed at 163 yards). I should have held out, I saw bigger antelope that same day and on subsequent days. The next morning, Tuesday, I shot a good muley buck. A 5X5, 27 1/2 inch spread (123 yards). Saw tons of antelope all week and passed up two muley bucks on Tuesday that were decent 4X4's, probably in the 20-24 inch spread class. I'm glad Bob (my guide) told me to hold out. He was right! The buck I shot was way bigger than the two I passed on an hour earlier. Craig runs a great hunt. I had a 5 day hunt booked but was done by the morning of day 2 and was a very happy camper! I've already re-booked a 2008 hunt for whitetails and antelope. If you hunt with Craig, be sure to practice, then practice some more with your rifle (out to 300 yards) and you will get the opportunity you hoped for. I sure did. Craig and his guides are excellent and will bust their tails for you but when the shot presents itself, it's all on you then!!

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