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Outfitter Review - Tuttulik

Submit Date: Sep 16, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Tuttulik

Outfitter / Contact: Greg Bonecutter & Inuits

Location: Quebec, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Caribou

Game Quality: very good

Game Quantity: excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accomodations: excellent

Camp Condition: excellent

Food Quality: exceptional

Guide Experience: exceptional

Other Personal Experience: exceptional

Review Information

Hunter: Grant Benson



Would Recommend: I just did!

Overall Impression: top notch. will be going again

Great trip. We arrived Saturday afternoon and had a couple hours to hunt. The big push of bou had gone through the prior two days with tens of thousands and the ground looked like it. Many were still around including some very nice bulls. Flying in we saw animals all over, but mostly in the water swimming the many lakes from point to point. Unreal. We knew we hit it well. We had one gun hunter and 7 bowhunters on the plane. Hat would be it for Sun and Mon and on Tue more hunters would start and some that were there when we arrived would fly out. The five guys in camp had obviously tagged out. I think all 10 animals were taken the day the big push first showed up. They were gun hunters. We hunted Saturday for about 4 hours and killed two. A few we missed and many many were passed up. Including some very nice bulls, but not monsters. All felt they were here to stay for awhile. So at the end of sat, which was not even really a hunting day for our booking, we had 2 of 14 down, but again, we could have tagged out with nice bulls that afternoon if wanted. Sunday 6 bulls were taken and again, many more were passed. Nice animals were all around. Hundreds and hundreds adding to thousands. 95% cow/calf/ young bulls, but the odd nice bull mixed in to each group and there were a lot of groups. A bear was spotted on a carcass. End of Sunday 8 tags filled with 6 to go. I had not shot, but passed many including 3 from 5-6pm in separate pass bys at the end of a pond. All three were better than the best one I would end up taking. It was, however, clear, that by mid afternoon Sunday there were fewer animals around. Monday AM the masses were gone. Glassing revealed little of what had been there the prior two days. I saw two decent bulls and shot one at 7:45. He had another one with him that was bigger, but lagging behind. I almost took him 30 seconds after taking #1, but passed at 39 yards when he spooked as a result of #1 getting shot. The rest of the day it was fewer groups passing by, but still the occasional decent bull. At the end of Monday only three tags were left. Three of us held one each. The bear seen previously was alos taken, but not with a bow. It was about 250#. Tuesday the three tag holders went to the same crossing. All day we saw 142 animals. 5 decent bulls. One was taken. Others either passed or winded us. 12 or 14 bow tags now filled through three full days. Wed AM we saw 60 animals back at the pass, down from 142 the prior day. We did kill two bulls by 11am. It was slower. I filled last on a smaller bull that made us 14 for 14 and presented a clean shot that allowed us to tag out. We actually shot it while dressing one shot 20 minutes before. We waited at the lake 4 hours for a pick up with the two bulls and did see 3 more bulls that were better than what I took. Wed PM and Thursday we fished and killed the lakers with 3-4 people per boat and seldom not having doubles, often triples, and sometime 4 fish on simultaneously. We did it in shifts to allow others to share the fun and to give the guys a break from reeling in the 4-8 pound plus fish hand over fist. This week really proved to me just how fickle the timing can be on these hunts. The first half of the week before ours was slow………..the last half of ours was slow, but the two halves in between were all anyone could ask for. THIS IS A FIRST CLASS WORLD CLASS HUNTING OPERATION RUN BY HARD WORKING HONEST PEOPLE

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