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Outfitter Review - CanadAdventure Inc.

Submit Date: Sep 7, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: CanadAdventure Inc.

Outfitter / Contact: Jean-Pierre BARDOU

Location: Quebec, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Caribou

Game Quality: average

Game Quantity: average

Accomodations: very poor

Camp Condition: very poor

Food Quality: we cooked

Guide Experience: self guided

Other Personal Experience: very very poor

Review Information

Hunter: Cory Kostuchowski

Phone: 612-819-2883


Would Recommend: never even to my worst enemy

Overall Impression: poor

We arrived a day early in Montreal to get everything settled and ask questions about the hunt but Jean-Pierre was no were to be found. The next morning we had to rush to get all our lugged loaded on the scale because he had told us 5:30 but I guess we were supposed to be there at 5:00. We had been told we could get our fishing licenses at the base camp but when we got there he did not have any licenses for us so we could not fish. Finally after waiting around a couple of hours at the base camp with no one telling us what was going on or when we were going to leave they finally got us on a float plane. Finally we arrived at the camp. We had seven people and told we would have two cabins well one cabin the heater did not work and the other cabin the stove did not work. Then towards the end of the week neither cabins heater worked so we did not have any heat and that is really fun when all your clothes are soaking wet. We were promised 1 boat and motor for every three people so we should have had 3 boats and motors but there was 1 boat and motor that worked and 1 boat and motor that worked half the time and to top it off one guy had to be bailing water out of the boats just to stop the water from coming over your boots. We were told they would have formaldehyde to preserve our horns but the camp keeper did not even know what that was or what we could do to save the velvet. The cabins leaked very badly when it rained. Even the pilot was upset when he showed up because there was no dock in the water to unload the luggage so one guy had to be standing in the water. There was garbage laying all over the camp and looked like a big garbage dump. Even with the poor service we managed to make a good hunt out of it we went 14 for 14 on caribou but we had to walk an average of 10 to 15 miles a day to find the animals. We are all experienced hunters and we were not against a little hard work. On the last day we were told to be by the lake by 9:00 am to wait for the plane it got to be about 1:00pm and the plane still did not arrive so we asked the camp keeper to call on the satellite phone and find out were he was he told us the satellite phone did not work. We waited there until 5:00pm and the plane never showed up. So we went back to the cabin to stay another night, when we packed up in the morning we had taken all our left over food and put it on the table figuring the next group would use it or the camp keeper would take, well the camp keeper took it so we asked for some of the food back so we could eat supper. Finally the next day the plane arrived at 10:00am and we got back to base but we still had to wait around for another 6 hours before they finally flew us back to Montréal a day late. When we got back to Montréal Jean-Pierre asked if we had a problem with camp keeper and why we did not tip him. We told him the only thing the camp keeper did was limit the amount of fuel that was put in generator the whole so why would we tip him (that would be like tipping the cashier at the gas station). The thing that amazed me was how the satellite phone worked at the camp when the camp keeper wanted to bitch about not getting a tip. Finally we got home and my friend’s wife the e-mail below from Jean-Pierre: (Michele Your husband and his friends are one of the worst bunch of cheap assholes we saw in many years. For more information, do not hesitate to ask ! CanadAventure's team) So I responded with a some what cordial e-mail explaining the problems and this was the only response he could come up with: (When you take a poor man's food without giving him a penny, you are a CHEAP ASSHOLE. Its may be not your fault, but you will be like that for the rest of your life.) The hunt itself was good because we were willing to work at it and make the best out of it but as you can see I would most definitely stay away from this outfitter he makes a lot of phony promises and even after you spend $25,000 on a hunt for seven guys he still calls you a cheap asshole.

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