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Outfitter Review - Mirage

Submit Date: Aug 19, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Mirage

Outfitter / Contact: unknown

Location: Quebec, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Caribou

Game Quality: 1 nice bull

Game Quantity: 40-45

Accomodations: Very nice for location

Camp Condition: decent

Food Quality: decent

Guide Experience: did not use one

Other Personal Experience: knowledgeable of the area

Review Information

Hunter: Jeremy Littleton



Would Recommend: Yes, overall it a good time

Overall Impression: good for a fair chase hunt

We took 6 hunters on this hunt. We went in Late November 2006 on the winter hunt. On the day we drove in we seen tons of caribou and several very large bulls in the unit to the West of camp's unit. The migration was moving through. We arrived at the camp and seen a lot of successful hunters with a lot of very nice bulls. We bought our tags and decided to hunt that afternoon to get familar with the area. This hunt is more or less they give a report each evening of where other hunters are killing and then you are on your own. You can pay extra for snowmobiles and helicopter with guides if you like. We did not see any caribou the first day. The camp probably had around 60-90 other hunters there and not too many others were seeing anything. The reports at the night meeting said the caribou migration had passed us south and the ones north were still north of the large reservoir. The following day we found a small group of them and killed two horned cows. We meet a couple other hunters that had killed a couple of nice bulls. The same was found when we got back to camp. The caribou were still not crossing the reservoir and the guys that were getting the animals were in very small groups of 5-10 caribou. The weather turned very cold and heavy snow the following night. The next day we found a spot that had around 30-40 caribou and all but one limited out on small horned cows. One guy got a very nice bull and a couple of our meat hunters took some large bulls with no horns. The migration still was not crossing the reservoir and the only guys killing with still only killing in small groups. The following day the last guy to limit out got a decent cow. Later that afternoon the migration started to cross the reservoir and more people started to kill. There were several nice bulls killed that evening. A bad storm was coming and we started out that night. One the way out we ran into a large amount of the migration. All and all, we limited out and the animals were not there unfortunately when we were hunting, they came just before we arrived and just as we were leaving. I am planning to return November 2008 and give a second try. I thought for being a fair chase hunt it was very fair and if we were after huge bulls we would had done a fly-in hunt. I would recommended this hunt to people that are willing to get off the road and hunt in woods in deep snow. Watch the migration routes on the internet and see where the animals are. This will give you a good idea of when to schedule your hunt too. The game commission has 30 collared animals that they track the migrations with and it is on their website.

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