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Outfitter Review - Owl's Nest Lodge

Submit Date: Mar 14, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Owl's Nest Lodge

Outfitter / Contact: Ron Parsons

Location: Newfoundland, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Moose

Game Quality: Poor

Game Quantity: Poor

Accomodations: Good

Camp Condition: fair to good

Food Quality: excellent

Guide Experience: poor

Other Personal Experience: ok

Review Information

Hunter: Eric Austin



Would Recommend: Not in this lifetime

Overall Impression: RIP-OFF

When you first talk with owner Ron Parsons, he comes off as a real nice guy. He'll tell you about all the moose & caribou your going to see and even what size you can expect to see on a daily basis. When your plane drops you off at the airport your picked up in a van and taken to some remote parking lot in the middle of nowhere. From there a large tour bus will pick you up (along with other groups) and take you to meet Ron at his house/office. Once there, Ron will shake your right hand and stick a drink in your left. Then take your money. This is the last you will see of Ron Parsons (he will be taking off in a few days to winter in Florida). The next day they flew us to a remote camp. It was all down hill from the minute we touched down. One of the guides asked who had a caribou tag. My buddy stated that he was the one hunting for caribou. The guides response was "they flew you out here for caribou?" This is NOT what a person that just dropped over 6k on a hunt wants to hear. Needless to say...he didn't see any caribou. As far as moose go...I don't think theres one around for a hundred miles. This area has been shot out years ago. The fact that we didn't see any moose didn't bother me at first because as everyone knows...hunting is hunting. Then it hit us. Of all the miles we covered every day..we NEVER cut a track!!! (holly crap...I at least see tracks on a bad hunt) This entire area was void of ALL game large and small (it was as if the entire place was nuked) I didn't' even see a bird! My guide was a young kid (early 20's) and was overheard on his cell phone one night (out side one of the bedroom windows) telling someone to get him outta there cuz there's no moose here and he can't make any tips if he doesn't get his hunters moose. He really felt bad we were getting jambed on this hunt and worked hard. The two other guides (one of whom NEVER hunted the area before) didn't put much effort into anything. They blamed the weather for no moose and said it was too warm (yet it snowed while we were there). We pointed out that that still doesn't explain the complete lack of moose sign. They just shrugged. The day before we were supposed to leave they said a big storm is coming in and we should leave today or we might not get out for days. They had the plane come get us at first light (and yup...you guessed it...no storm) The cook was the only guys in camp that everyone really liked. He did a good job. The camp itself was nice. The Argo's that we were supposed to be getting around in broke down constantly & we worked on them every day. Mr Parsons is good at one thing. Advertising. He is, without a doubt an advertising wizzard. He's got one hell of a scam going, and I would advise anyone to STAY AWAY...you've been warned.!!!

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