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Outfitter Review - North Fork Creek Outfitters

Submit Date: Mar 7, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: North Fork Creek Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Ralph/Lloyd Johnson

Location: MT, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Deer and Elk

Game Quality: Poor

Game Quantity: Poor

Accomodations: Horrible

Camp Condition: Terrible

Food Quality: Awful

Guide Experience: Experience?

Other Personal Experience: The cook was a nice guy

Review Information

Hunter: Randy Eddy



Would Recommend: NEVER

Overall Impression: Horrible

I was promised a 1x1 hunt with an experienced guide. What I got (when I actually got a guide) was a group of 4-10 hunters with 2 or 3 18 year old guides who didn't know the difference between a trophy and a dink or the definition of legal/ethical hunting behavior. Oftentimes we were not supplied with a guide or horses and were expected to "road hunt" along with 50,000 resident hunters. Never got closer than 600 yards to a game animal thanks to the guides, but without a guide my partner and I were able to get decent deer (as well as helping another hunter get one) and got within 150 yards of 700 elk coming across single file, but no legal bulls in the herd! I was cussed at by the guides and challenged to a physical altercation. We had 12+ guys sharing a tiny 6'x6' bathroom that was never cleaned. No hot breakfasts were served, just cold cereal and toast. No guides provided after the first 2 hours of daylight. At least half of the hunters left early, including us who hunted 2 days and left when we were abandoned on the third morning 2 miles from the road on an icy wind-exposed ridge in sub-freezing conditions. Very unsafe people to hunt with. Guides were also herding the wintering cow elk and running them back and forth, for no reason other than to do it. I would not go on this hunt again if it was free and that God's honest truth!

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