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Outfitter Review - Superior Guides & Outfitters, Inc.

Submit Date: Feb 24, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Superior Guides & Outfitters, Inc.

Outfitter / Contact: Mike Noskoviak

Location: Wisconsin, Ashland

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Game Quality: Excellent

Game Quantity: Very Good

Accomodations: Good

Camp Condition: Very Good

Food Quality: Excelllent

Guide Experience: Excellent Plus

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Review Information

Hunter: Dale Gaugler

Phone: 610-845-7728


Would Recommend: Yes

Overall Impression: Quality Experience

I have bowhunted with Superior Guides the past 3 years and am booked for 2007 & 2008. They hunt the interior of the Bad River Indian Reservation where Mike Noskoviak, the owner, owns over 800 acres of private land in pockets throughout the Reservation. The Indians hunt at night by spotlight or just park on the roads and shoot right down the road. All of this is legal for them and what happens is they really keep the buck to doe ratio in line. I know that they shot 2 190 plus bucks in 2005 by spotlight which makes you sick to think about it, but again it is legal for them and it does show what quality deer exist there. This is pure stand hunting and if you listen to what Mike tells you and you follow his instructuions, you stand a great chance of sticking an arrow in a quality buck. A lot of the ways Mike hunts are totally opposite the way we hunt in PA. Mike will tell you not to put out doe-in-heat as it scares them away. Hunters don't listen and then complain when they are not seeing big bucks. The bucks come in WITH the wind or QUARTERED into the wind which again is oppoiste of hunting at home in PA. When you are placed in your stand in the morning, the wind is the main factor as to where you are placed. The bucks are very, very vocal and all 3 bucks that I shot, I heard before I saw them. What an experience! It has been warm the past 3 years, but if you put your time in the tree, you should get an opportunity. There were 5 of us in camp this past year (2006) and 4 of us had opportunity. I arrowed a 160 at 20 yards broadside this past year, which was the best of the 3 I shot, but I got him low through the brisket and although we put Mike's tracking dog on it the next day, we couldn't recover it. You have to enjoy stand hunting from dark to dark as I love to do, if this is your kind of hunting, this is an excellent hunt for you.

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