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Outfitter Review - Western Colorado Outfitters

Submit Date: Feb 6, 2007

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Western Colorado Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Eric Layman

Location: CO, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Elk

Game Quality: Low

Game Quantity: Low

Accomodations: Fine

Camp Condition: Fine

Food Quality: Great

Guide Experience: Zero

Other Personal Experience: Zero

Review Information

Hunter: R. Brooks

Phone: 724-626-1641


Would Recommend: ABSOLUTELY NOT

Overall Impression: Guides do not know how to hunt bugling bulls in the rut

Camp accomodations were fine. Where do I begin on the hunting experience:1. Guides laid down and fell asleep while trying to call in an elk.2. One guide got lost and we had to go and find him3. Admitted to keeping us out of the dark timber, where elk live in 80 degree weather, so as not to chase them out for other hunters coming in later seasons. I built up preference points so I could go on an early season hunt. They are now wasted!4. Guide tried to put me on an illegal stand near a salt block. 5. Had 2 hunters back in camp by 9 or 10 AM on 3 of the 7 hunting days6. Guides had absolutely no experience hunting elk in the rut but said they did before we signed contract.7. On the last day, we insisted on being taken to an area where dark timber was present. We hunted on our own and called in an elk and shot and hit it with a muzzleloader. It was raining and we tried to track it. The guide and the outfitter were on the trail below us and were contacted via radio. They would not assist in helping to locate the wounded game. They said they were unable to find us but we are sure they made no attempt to find us. We were able to communicate to others in our hunting party and able to guide them to us from 3 mountains away. 8. The outfitter (Eric Layman) flat out told me his hunts are designed for the once in a lifetime hunter who comes out west and is satisfied to ride horses and see game from a mile away. This is NOT what he told us when we booked the hunt at the Harrisburg, PA Eastern Sportsman Show. We were told they were experienced in calling in elk.These people will say anything to get your business. If you want a nice horseback riding vacation then this is the place for you. If you want to hunt STAY AWAY. We are experienced elk hunters that are accustomed to hunting on our own. We have killed 25+ bull elk all on our own while hunting in Idaho. All of our hunting is on foot and we pack our own game on our back. We choose to go with an outfitter because there are more elk in CO, we wanted to have someone else pack our game, and we wanted to have the use of horses to make it a little easier on ourselves.

Outfitter Response: Thanks for the opportunity to respond.This group of hunters was a disaster. They "knew it all" about hunting in my area. My guides were so disgusted with this group that they were considering quitting. I told them to stick with it and do the best they could considering the situation. I personally guided two of the hunters in this group one day and they were just as my guides had described. I put them on a nice Bull, asked them to slip 30 yards up the hill and wait for a clear shot. As the bull walked into the open as I told them he would, I looked up into the bowl we were hunting and they were hiking to the top. They never listened to anything we said and wanted to hunt "like they always had in Idaho". This was a typical day for this group. They wanted to come back for a free hunt the next year to make up for the "terrible hunt" they had. I always wondered why they wanted to come back if it was so terrible. I told them I didn't want them back in my camp. I spoke with someone that knew this group and they said they are known for hunting with an outfitter, complaining, threatening a letter writing campaign against them and ending up with a free hunt when the outfitter gives in. I'm the one that didn't give in.If you are an Outfitter and would like to avoid this nightmare, (they are from Pennsylvania) feel free to call me and discuss further details and antics of this group.Thank you again for the opportunity to respond.Eric Layman / OwnerWestern Colorado Outfitters970-249-8877

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