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Outfitter Review - Higher Ground

Submit Date: Dec 14, 2006

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Higher Ground

Outfitter / Contact: Weston Clark

Location: CO, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: elk

Game Quality: non existent

Game Quantity: less than 10

Accomodations: bed and breakfast-small

Camp Condition: unknown-used own

Food Quality: average

Guide Experience: never been in area

Other Personal Experience: sub standard

Review Information

Hunter: Jay Johnston

Phone: 505.235.5713


Would Recommend: not ever in any circumstance

Overall Impression: worst in a lifetime

Higher Ground outfitters (Colorado not NM version)advertises a hunt in NW Colorado with a 300K hunt area of public and private land. Reality was we were driven out to a mesa 10 miles from Maybell and sat in 60 degree weather waiting for the elk migration. Could see the highway. People on every high point which makes it a very expensive road hunt. The "guide" had never been there before and no one had a backup plan or knowledge of the area. I had to use my own vehicle because the outfitter did not provide 4x4's or even have room for 2 hunters (single cab)The outfitter had 23 hunters in 2 camps, one of which was in a public square in Maybell with 30-40 other non residents. Not exactly what a "guided elk" hunt should feel like. I was the only hunter to tag out because I left the hunt plan and struck off on my own, climbing a mountain without any guide and killing an average bull. 1 in 23 are not good odds, but you wont see that in the brochure. The truth is that this hunt is totally dependent on a heavy snow, even then it would be a very hectic affair with alot of non residents chasing herds around on the mesa west of Maybell. You wont be told this on the phone with Clark. Avoid this outfitter at all costs. The hunt is completely misrepresented and conducted in a corrupt and unprofessional manner. Several hunters went with another outfitter 2/3 of the way through the hunt because they knew it was the only chance of seeing/taking an elk. If you want to hunt this area, buy a tag over the internet and pull your camper to the square in Maybell CO. You will probably see the outfitters tent there and save several thousands.

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