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Outfitter Review - Total Outdoor Adventures

Submit Date: Nov 20, 2006

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Total Outdoor Adventures

Outfitter / Contact: Vince Cocciolo

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: elk, mulie, black bear, deer

Game Quality: OK

Game Quantity: some elk and a few mulie doe

Accomodations: good

Camp Condition: OK

Food Quality: good

Guide Experience: good

Other Personal Experience: very good

Review Information

Hunter: Dave Varley



Would Recommend: conditionally

Overall Impression: not a really great hunting experience

I booked combo hunt. Many chances at different game? Wasn't pointed out that bear are mostly in the spring and mulies don't move down until usually around Nov. Saw a few very small whitetails. Touted as a spike camp hunt, but seemed they avoided that option once there. Not very organized. Took lots of stuff I didn't need just to stay in main camp. Guide issues:(one left and one hurt) so some 1 on 1 hunts ended up not being so. I was OK, but made it difficult on some hunters. I think they had some agreed upon compensation from Vince. I'd be very sure you discuss what you want and be clear about it. If not you may settle for less to fit the current situation. Some guides had preference for using horses, some didn't like to use them. As a result some hunters walked lots and some rode lots, didn't get a lot of hunter's input in making decisions as to which. I think they need to do a much better job up front as to defining exactly how someone wants to hunt, then giving them opened honest feedback on the option selected pros and cons, then make it happen! It was disorganized such that it seemed it couldn't happen that way. Maybe it's a function of too many hunters in camp at once? We came in a group of 8 and there were two hunters ( not counting wives and a guest ) in camp once we got there. Some guides were there all week and some for part of the week. I feel for that time ( first week Oct ) the spike camp option was the best. Walking very demanding ( FOR ME IN AVERAGE CONDITION FOR 60 year old ), but could be done using spike camp cabins for overnight. I saw some elk ( 4 bulls ) and a dozen or so cows, but at great distances 800 - 1500 yards ( guide's estimate ). Saw two that would have been shooters if we could have gotten close enough. Could only tell with spotting scope. Vince and Lisa are very good people, just need to manage things a little better. The horses were very good and wrangler was great! Of nine total hunters three got elk. Two of those camped out over night up high on the mountians to get theirs. One got his nearer the cabin he stayed in ( four hunters had to go to different main camp ). The tenth hunter was just after goat and he got his goat. Overall a neat experince, but a little disapponting as to the hunt. Would like to have seen something with a chance to shoot out of the 4 tags I had. ASK QUESTIONS, GET THE DETAILS. Be sure you know how you want to hunt, be specific and be ready to do your part. Walking up and down those mountains in a day is no joke and is a full days work for anyone! I rode horses mostly and don't know that I could have walked unless I overnighted at a spike camp cabin. E-mail me if you have questions or want any other details. Thanks.

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