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Outfitter Review - Little River Pheasant Hunts

Submit Date: Sep 29, 2006

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Little River Pheasant Hunts

Outfitter / Contact: Dayle Luedeke

Location: South Dakota, United States

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Pheasants, Partridge, Grouse

Game Quality: Great

Game Quantity: Great

Accomodations: Very Nice, New Lodge and Great

Camp Condition: All New

Food Quality: Really Good Food, Better then

Guide Experience: Guides were very experienced a

Other Personal Experience: Guides and Cook were great. Th

Review Information

Hunter: Steve Lamont



Would Recommend: Absolutely

Overall Impression: Great Hunt-I already booked next years hunt and hope I can get back there one more time this year.

We normally go on a couple hunts every year for different game. This was one of the best and most organized hunts I have been on. The guides and Dog Trainer were excellent. Their dogs were fantastic. Made me a little embarrassed at my year old lab Max. I thought my dog was doing good for his age. He wasn't even in the same game as their dogs are. It was more fun for me to watch all the different dogs work then to hunt. The birds and the overall hunt is second to none. We had really good weather and that did help. The dog trainer also helped us out with our year old male and showed me how to easily correct a couple problems I was having. It was so easy to fix I can't believe I couldn't figure out how to correct Max's problems. The trainer is also one of the guides and is the one that runs the dogs. He has the dogs running so good you don't even hear him say anything to them. They just do their thing. He says hupp once in awhile and blows the whistle sometimes but I have never been on a bird hunt where the guides weren't always yelling at the dogs. I really wanted to bring one of those dogs home with me. He had year old dogs out in the field that I could swear were three or four the way they hunted. They made my poor little Max look like a mutt out in the field. They had both labs and German Shorthairs they used. He normally ran them seperate depending on what kind of terrain we were hunting. The labs were normally in the higher cover and the pointers worked more where we could always see them. The pointers were really fun to watch. I didn't know pointers hunted as good as they do when they are not even a year old yet. I always thought they had to get older to do the things they did. Shows what I know about dog training. You definitely need to check this place out. You will feel right at home. It is a small town they live by and they definitely have small town hospitality. I normally have a great time on most of the hunts we go on but I will remember this one for a long time. Shooting the pheasants, and there was a lot of pheasants was fun but the overall trip was fantastic. Sitting around and talking in the evenings with the guides and dog trainer was one of the best parts of the trip. I had to go into Aberdeen one of the days and they just gave me a Tahoe to go and do my shopping. They offered to take me in but gave me the choice. You will definitely be happy with this place. They have clay pigeon shoots for free, pool table, poker table, horse shoe pit. It was just a really fun hunt. I wanted to give it a review right away because they deserve it and I wanted my enthusiasm to be very high yet when I posted the information on their great hunt. They also have some huge whitetail's there. I wish I would of brought my bow with me. They let you archery hunt for free if you are there pheasant hunting. You don't get charged a nickle unless you actually shoot a buck. I seen one buck that I thought was a B&C class. They told me they thought he was around 150 or so and there are much larger deer there then that. I have been to four different deer hunting lodges and haven't seen a deer of the size I seen at Little River and I wasn't even deer hunting. They do offer archery hunting. The mounts and racks they have hanging around are huge. They didn't even get excited when that huge buck jumped up in front of us. Go check them out, you won't be disappointed. They are also fairly inexpensive compared to a lot of the places I have been to in South Dakota. The overall hunt was just fantastic and I hope if any of you go there you get the same experience I did. I already can't wait until next season because this is definitely one of the two hunts I am going on next year.

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