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Outfitter Review - Boulder Creek Outfitters

Submit Date: May 21, 2006

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Boulder Creek Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Tim Craig

Location: ID, usa

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: black bear

Game Quality: 0

Game Quantity: 0

Accomodations: ranch house so-so

Camp Condition: n/a

Food Quality: ok

Guide Experience: not much

Other Personal Experience: no one else

Review Information


Phone: 253-266-6277


Would Recommend: no

Overall Impression: not good

our hunt was set up 8 month in advance.We are avid bow hunters so we signed up for a bow hunt for may 1st to may 5th.when we arrived at the ranch our guide told us he had no baits set up for bow hunters and that we should hunt with rifles.He also said that 2 of the stands could not be moved and the other might be ok for a bow stand if we were comfortable shooting 30 to 40 yards.just by chance I had thrown in a rifle before I left home but our guide didnt know that until I told him.So why he wanted us to consider rifle hunting was mute at this point. but after a coin toss me and my partner decided that we would switch off rifle and bow.Well I ended up the first evening at the bow stand which was 30ft up a 12" dia tree 30 to 35 yards from the bait hole.The wind was really whipping that nite so the stand was moving back and forth about 3 to 4 feet.I ask my guide to move the stand down and alittle clser to the bait and he flipped out saying the stands are where they are because thats where thy have to be and if he moved them the bears would spook and not come in to the bait hole.I told him I didn't feel comfortable with that stand location so he said he would move it the next morning but if he did it was to be my stand for the whole week which ment my partner would be stuck in a rifle stand the whole week.My partner got put in a rifle stand that our guide said a sow and two cubs were hitting every nite which they did 20 minutes after getting in the stand and cleaned all the bait out.I dont know whether he intended him to shoot the sow or a cub but there was no other sign around the bait I dont know.The next morning tim craig called our guide to see what was going on.I dont know what was said there but our guide said tim must have had a brain fart because he knew there was no bow stand set up on the ranch.He continued to push us to rifle hunt. a few minutes later tim craig called back and wanted to talk to me.HE WENT INTO A TIZZY ASK ME IF WE WERE A BUNCH OF COMPLAINERS OR WHAT?I said we just wernt getting what we paid for and he replied that it sound to him like we had bad attitudes and said we werent much of a bow hunter if we couldnt shoot 30 to 35 yards from a moving tree.So after that conversation we decided we werent going to get a word in edgewise so we exited the ranch and drove 5 hours home to Washington. After the fact I found out tim craig had a buckmaster video on the ranch we were supposed to hunt so we got moved to public land on the other side of the river. About the time the video people left he called and wanted us to come back to finish our hunt on the ranch we were supposed to hunt in the first place. But my partner and I had used up our week vacation that was planned for eight months and just cant take another week at the drop of a hat.So the moral of this story is you should find out where you are hunting and make sure there are no t.v. people scheduled for the same time.When he called at the end of the week we should have been hunting he promised good close bow stands with cameras and videos of bear hitting the baits. WOW I THOUGHT THATS WHAT I PAID FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE. GO FIGURE.

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