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Outfitter Review - West Kerr Ranch

Submit Date: Jan 16, 2006

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: West Kerr Ranch

Outfitter / Contact: Barbara Kanna/Ashley Kanna

Location: TX, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Axis/Sika does

Game Quality: none spotted

Game Quantity: alot of game, just no axis or sika does

Accomodations: n/a

Camp Condition: ok

Food Quality: none provided

Guide Experience: they somewhat knew the roads

Other Personal Experience: very impressed with how they c

Review Information

Hunter: Mike



Would Recommend: not really

Overall Impression: horrible

It was a large group that took this axis/sika doe package with a few in the group that were wanting to take a trophy animal if they saw one they liked. A price was negotiated for one of the hunters to take an Aoudad. 1st evening I saw tons of whitetail, but it was not whitetail season so all I could do was drool. Also 1st evening I saw a trophy aoudad but was not hunting aoudad. I ended up shooting a pig the 1st evening. I told the guide about the aoudad and also the guy in the group who wanted to take an aoudad, who told the guide he wanted to hunt the blind I was in for an opprtunity to take that animal. Insted they refused to put him in that stand and put another hunter from another group in that stand, who was paying full price for his trophy and he took that animal. In our group of 7 there were only 2 axis does seen, no sika does seen, although the guides managed to harvest 2 sika and 2 axis does themselves, and the group that was spending nearly 20 grand on their hunt managed to harvest sika and axis does. Out of the entire group of us we took 5 pigs. That was ok, but we were there for axis and sika does. Again none were seen to even shoot on my end. All of the blinds that I was placed in were about ready to fall apart, very uncomfotable. We were not offered lodging so we were forced to drive 35 miles one way to the nearest town to get a hotel room. The set up for cleaning animals were nice. No food was provided. Even after telling the guides that no animals were seen nothing was done to help. All that was said is "that moon may have something to do with it". Overall it was the 1st pay hunt I had ever been on, and definately the last with West Kerr. If you are spending $20,000 they will go out of their way to accomodate, but not at $19,999. If you are looking for a good whitetail operation this may be the place for you. Lots of good mature bucks seen every day. But you have to have trust in the owner/operator, and we did not have that. I almost forgot at the end of the hunt we were told that they had 2 sika and 2 axis does that the guides harvested that we could buy. If I wanted to just but meat I would have went to the market, I was buying the experience.

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