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Outfitter Review - West Central Illinois Deer and Turkey

Submit Date: Jan 14, 2006

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: West Central Illinois Deer and Turkey

Outfitter / Contact: Curt Reznicek

Location: Illinois, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Game Quality: Poor

Game Quantity: Poor

Accomodations: fair

Camp Condition: fair

Food Quality: N/A

Guide Experience: fair

Other Personal Experience: Poor

Review Information

Hunter: Dan



Would Recommend: NO

Overall Impression: Poor

I could write pages about this guy. From what i've read on this site I guess he's a lot like some of the "fly by night" outfitters out there. He made us all kinds of promises, but kept very few of them. In 2004 we hunted a new farm that he got and we saw quite a few deer. He told us nobody had hunted the farm before us. About a month before we went out this year he called us with a problem that "we" had. He said some guys from LA we coming back that were there in 04 and they wanted to hunt the same farm that they hunted in 04. It was the same farm that we hunted and they were there before us. The problem that "we" had, was that he booked us both for the same farm on the same week. We told him that we didn't have a problem, he did. We were going to hunt the same farm and he would have to put them on another farm. That is what he did, but we believe he was pissed and hunted the crap out of "our" farm before we got there. Two of us saw more deer in one day in 04 than all 3 of us saw in 5 days in 05. In 05 he had us in a rather nice little house. The only problem was that there was a farm hand living there that he forgot to mention. Now, the farm hand was a nice guy, but he did have a bit of a drinking issue at night. He came in a couple of nights at like 1 or 2 in the morning, with friends one time and were gonna have a party. We had to change that plan. Curt promised us one price the first year we went. He told us if we would come back he would hold that price for 4 years. He increased it by 33% at the end of the first hunt. We said no problem, it wasn't a lot of money. The price was the same for 04 and 05. Then at the end of the 05 hunt he increased it by another 33%. We're not going back. He ran about 50 hunters thru less than 2500 acres in 4 weeks. The stands are over hunted, and when a hunter burns out a stand he doesn't have any alternative for you. He doesn't check on his hunters every night to see how they are doing. When we got there in 05 he told us that he had gone from 125" minimum to 130". Not a big deal but it would have been nice to know ahead of time. He also suprised us with this $100 deposit because people were leaving trash in the woods. He would check on the stands when we left and get the deposit back to us by the first week in december. It is 1/14/06 and we haven't got it back yet, even after my brother has called him twice. He's not saying that we left a mess, he's just being a jerk because we're not going back in 06. He told my brother that if he stopped bugging him about it that we might get it back quicker. He also said to him "I didn't know that $100 was the only thing between you and your next meal". Childish. Basically he's putting too many people thru what little land he has, making all kinds of promises that he doesn't keep. Just and assembly line hunting operation. He doesn't care about his clients as much as he does that almighty dollar. He is a man with no integrity in my mind.

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