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Outfitter Review - Young Scouts Outfitters

Submit Date: Dec 17, 2005

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Young Scouts Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Randy Armstrong

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail /Mule Deer Combo

Game Quality: Poor

Game Quantity: Poor

Accomodations: Poor

Camp Condition: Terrible

Food Quality: Terrible

Guide Experience: Poor

Other Personal Experience: Poor

Review Information

Hunter: Dan Newman

Phone: 281-293-9823


Would Recommend: Never

Overall Impression: Terrible

I booked a 7 day combo hunt for mule/whitetail deer. The hunt was to be a one on one guided spot and stalk hunt. Our group was told by the outfitter that the camp would not have more than 6 hunters at a time. We had 4 hunters in our group and there was supposed to be another 2 hunters the week we booked for a total of six. One member of our party had an emergency at the last minute and could not make the trip, so there should have been only 5 in camp.We landed at the airport at 4pm and were not picked up until 11:30pm! We were left in the airport for 7-1/2 hours after repeatedly being told by Randy's wife and Randy that someone was on their way. We found out later that no one was told to come and pick us up until 9:30pm.We went for breakfast the first morning of the hunt and found out that there were another 5 hunters already in camp, making a total of 8. We soon learned the outfitter was not equipped to handle 5 hunters much less 8. Our group had to wait to eat breakfast after the first group. We ended up eating one ice cold egg, 1 piece of cold toast and 1 frozen carton of orange juice with a straw.My guide then took me to a stand. He was Randy's (the outfitter) youngest brother and all of 17 years old. I told him I had signed up for a spot and stalk hunt and did not want to sit in a stand. He ignored me and brought me to a stand anyway. It may have been because he had broken his leg a couple of months earlier and could barely walk.I saw 4 mule deer doe and one yearly mule deer buck the first morning. My guide then picked me up for lunch and we proceeded to drive around from house to house for the next hour trying to find out where we were going to eat. We again were served a horrible meal.I was again dropped off at the same blind that afternoon and I saw 2 mule deer (1 doe and 1 small buck).The next morning I had to wake up my guide to bring me out hunting. He had over slept due to a late night of who knows what. He took me to another stand and I saw 1 young whitetail buck which would score about 100-110, 1 mule deer doe and 1 small mule deer buck. My guide picked me up and we went back for lunch and went through the same routine of driving from house to house trying to find out who was going to make lunch.Again, another horrible meal.By now the group of five hunters had left and we were expecting the other 2 hunters to be arriving. We found out that in addition to the 2 hunters we were expecting an additional 5 hunters showed up. Now we had a total of 10 hunters in camp!The first morning of the hunt we had asked Randy if we could talk with him concerning the way things were being handled. He stopped playing his "air" guitar to the rock and roll music (playing at 7am) and said he would talk with us. He then disappeared for a day and no one knew where he was. The next time we saw him he immediately asked us for our money. When my partner started to talk to Randy about the way things were being handled Randy blew up and went on a rampage, yelling and cussing my partner at the top of his lungs. After I was able to settle Randy down, we asked to be taken immediately back to town and our hunt was over.This was truly the worst hunting experience I have had in 37 years of hunting. This outfitter is totally unorganized. He failed in every aspect of the hunt for which he was responsible and could control.This outfitter has no control and is definitely out of control! The Outfitters Association should seriously review this person's mental stability to conduct this type of operation. With his temper and outburst something may seriously go wrong one day.

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