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Outfitter Review - Young Scouts

Submit Date: Nov 30, 2005

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Young Scouts

Outfitter / Contact: Randy Armstrong

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: WT/MD

Game Quality: Poor

Game Quantity: 1 deer

Accomodations: Poor

Camp Condition: Poor

Food Quality: Awful

Guide Experience: poor with no experience

Other Personal Experience: Very Unprofessional

Review Information

Hunter: Mark Tipton

Phone: 979-249-3541


Would Recommend: absolutely not

Overall Impression: Awful

The problems began when the outfitter was not there to pick us up as planned. After numerous calls, and being repeatdly lied to, we were eventually picked up over 7 1/2 hours late. We, being three hunters with all our gear, were then packed into a truck and taken to a motel, without so much as an apology or an explanation. We were picked up the next morning, but still no sight of the outfitter. We were fed a cold breakfast by the outfitter's wife in their filthy mobile home. Then we were taken to our blinds by a "driver", not a guide as admitted by the man who was our driver. He stated he only knew where the stands were, but not much about hunting. So much for the one on one guide service we were promised by the outfitter that we have yet to lay eyes on. The stands were terrible. My stand consisted of a board to sit on with no foot rest, with the board/seat facing a solid wall with no windows. The construction of the blinds did not take into consideration factors that should have been addressed so as to allow for a tolerable all day sit. The bait was placed over 300 yards from the blind and we were left in the blinds without any means of communication. That night we were allowed to sleep in our driver's home and his wife cooked us a decent meal. We can honestly say he was the only positive in this awful experience. Poor guy, who seemed to be the outfitter's uncle, admitted he had not been paid in weeks and he was out approx. $3,000. Day 2 --we have still not seen the outfitter and we still only have the driver, but no guides. Before we went out to hunt our driver told us that 7 more hunters were due to arrive, even though we had been promised a max. of 6 hunter's in camp. My group was suppose to have been a total of four hunters, and at the last minute one of my guys cancelled due to an ill wife. So, at the most we should have had 3 other hunter's joining us, not 7 more hunters. We then hunted half a day and came in to be served another awful meal by the outfitter's wife. After the meal that we ate in the outfitter's filthy home, that we ate only because we were so hungry, the outfitter finally arrived. The first words out of his mouth were, "Did you bring cash or cashier's checks". He still did not apologize or offer any explanation for all the broken promises. Therefore, we elected to speak to him outside in hopes that we could diplomatically voice our dissatisfaction and our concerns, but to no avail. He blew up and started shouting, and he never took responsibility for not picking us up on time, for not have one on one guides, for not having proper accommadations and for booking the hunt with too many hunters. Consequently, we asked to be taken back to Saskatoon, which he arranged after more moaning and groaning. Never did he even attempt to make things right. So this outfitter is $8300 richer for a day and half hunt, with very little out of pocket expense for himself. The only thing I can say is I hope there is truth to "what goes around comes around". Beware of this outfitter!!!! Please feel free to call me if you want even more details. Mark Tipton- 979-249-3541.

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