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Outfitter Review - Ashlenz Outfitter

Submit Date: Nov 30, 2005

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Ashlenz Outfitter

Outfitter / Contact: Kevin Ayo

Location: Illinois, Pike

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Game Quality: Poor

Game Quantity: Ton of does

Accomodations: Poor

Camp Condition: Poor

Food Quality: Average

Guide Experience: Poor

Other Personal Experience: Poor

Review Information

Hunter: Ron Yeager



Would Recommend: NO!

Overall Impression: Way below average

I have hunted with Illinois Monster Bucks for 2 years, Hunting Unlimited for 1 year, Hadley Creek for 2 years and this by far was the worse hunt I was ever on in Pike County and I even killed a buck and a doe! My buddy and I decided to try a gun hunt in Pike instead of a bow hunt like we have the last sevral years. The treed stands are very high 30 - 40 FT. and set up for bow hunters not gun at that time. They are very unsafe stands and I'm not afraid of heights either. The stand dropped two inches when I sat down and I about had a heart attack! The opening morning I had a guy sit in front of me 80 yards away on his own property. I called my guide and he moved me to a ladder stand with no seat. At 4:48 pm the first night a game warden proceeded to give me a fine for having a loader fire arm after sunset and not dark like I'm used too. The outfitter never told us that but it is partly my fault also because I should know the laws before I hunt a different state but I asked everyone back in camp and they all said Kevin never went over that in the meeting and that they all didn't get out of their treestands until 5:15. The guides didn't even know that! I killed a 125 inch buck the next day because that was the biggest buck I saw and I was upset with the outfitter for the way everything was going. I felt unsafe in his tree stand (which my buddy almost fell because of the way they had it set up so he decided it was safer to hunt on the ground)I never had a problem with treestand at other outfitters. He hunts property lines of other posted land and they guides don't tell you that when you are going to your stand. Kevin told me that would confuse the hunters and his guides don't have time to tell everyone the boundry lines! If you kill a deer in IL on someone else's property they will hammer you! What a CLOWN! The guides are kids from Louisiana and he's from there also. I don't care what he has on his wall but that doesn't make you an outfitter. The only big buck killed was by one of the guides from our camp the other two were like mine 120's. The place was dirty, the showers were clogged, the toliet over flowed and clogged. They even ran out of water so you couldn't flush or take a shower until someone went to get water. The young guides fought between themselves and would clean my doe I shot the last day. That poor deer laid there all day with the guts in her. Kevin was supposed to cape my buck out for transport back to PA because of CWD. I reminded him twice because we were leaving that night. He took his daughter hunting instead which is fine because I believe everyone should spend time with their kids but get what needs to be done first! Remember I'm on a guided hunt! So many other things I could tell you that happened. If you want e-mail me I can tell you more. Boys these aren't guided hunts at all in IL. They hang these stands in advance and let them hang all year long. The GUIDE takes you to a spot and says theres your stand and that's it! Heck I believe all of us could be better outfitters and guides than the rest of them. Even some guys videoing for the Drury brothers left and went with a different outfitter because there were hunter's behind every tree and no deer! I'd like to see all 6000 acres he has! HORRIBLE!

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