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Outfitter Review - All American Outfitter

Submit Date: Nov 14, 2005

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: All American Outfitter

Outfitter / Contact: Ken Mayer

Location: Texas, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Game Quality: Average

Game Quantity: Poor

Accomodations: Average

Camp Condition: Average

Food Quality: Average

Guide Experience: Owner- Good, Guide-Poor

Other Personal Experience: Poor

Review Information

Hunter: Angelo Baio



Would Recommend: No

Overall Impression: Below Average

The owner is experienced and his wife and her helper "cookie" are wonderful people. Unfortunately the hunt didn't rate that well. The holdings / Land Leases can not support a resident deer herd and therefore the hunter is reliant on transient bucks. Our group seen about one or two does to each blind location but not consistently. In my opinion the outfitter can't handle more clients than the four he had and at that the stands won't produce well in this early phase of the season. The deer were hot on green fields and the outfitter only had about ten acres in the processes that had not been cleared and fully grown in before he started hunting it. One stand location had promise as who ever was lucky enough to hunt it seen and mule deer and whitetails but that land was off limits. The only single deer taken our week and the previous week were deer using the corridor to "that" green field. The outfitter claims the deer are hot for corn during the cold weather but our week seen temps in the 80's. Obviously he can't control the weather but even so it's still mostly transient bucks he's seeing not his resident core herd. If you know your land then you should make preparations for improvements if you are to be an outfitter, that's what someone pays you for. During the rut may be a better time to book but fat chance getting the slot. In in our camp four hunters on a four day hunt seen two "legal" bucks (western 4 count). One was harvested and the other is the "one that got away" story. It was great fun to hunt that single buck on that one day but when you pay good money and get one or two good mornings out of it, it is a great dissapointment. The sleeping quarters were infested with wasps and the smoke bomb smell choked you for four days. We dodged wasps while sitting in the living room each night. The guide/assistant is a great kid", 20 year old going to college, but never scouted the property except giving track counts while filling feeders. On his own account he never seen a buck at any of the the stand sites and claimed he only seen deer on ocassion at most sites. Looking back,,I requested as close to the rut as possible and booked in February the previous year but it couldn't be accomodated (I'm only one hunter). When I arrive I find that the following week would have been much more close to the rut and they only had a single client coming that week. I had requested a move on two previous occasions before the hunt to a different time slot but they never seemed to have the space.(not to mention for some reason I payed about $250 more than an another single hunter who booked after me) The web site is great but when doing your homework and calculating % of success (that's why you pay to go hunting instead of staying home) from previous years you find the web is showing last years kill but in fact is a highlight of good bucks from as far back as 1999. The lodge mounts weren't taken there so when you go in don't get so excited. The quail and turkey are outstanding there, try that instead. The math equals= out of rut hunt / poor chance at success. Hype to perspective clients instead of success focused effort gets reviews like this.

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