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Outfitter Review - Apache Park Outfitters

Submit Date: Oct 27, 2005

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Apache Park Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Rick Sears

Location: New Mexico, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Elk

Game Quality: There was no game

Game Quantity: Zero

Accomodations: ok

Camp Condition: ok

Food Quality: ok

Guide Experience: Not Familiar with boundaries

Other Personal Experience: limited at best

Review Information

Hunter: William Gentner



Would Recommend: Never

Overall Impression: Worst I ever experienced

This hunt was falsely advertised and the contract signed as advertised was breached by Rick Sears. "Exclusive private ranches" as advertised had (6)land owner tags sold to total strangers. There was no communication between those hunters and our camp as to who was going to be where. Rick Sears put his clients in harms way and laughed all the way to the bank. Another client had $1,000 dollars stolen from his wallet by a guide. DO NOT TAKE YOUR WIFE INTO THIS ENVIRONMENT. Kevin Sears was rude to my wife and told her "she had no right to say anything, her name was not on the contract". Her name was on the contract as my non-hunting companion.

Outfitter Response: I am Kevin Sears and I am responding to William Getners review because I am mentioned and I have never been able to defend myself against Mr Getners Choice and most tasteful remarks (on his huntersbeware website)about myself and my girl friend at the time of his hunt. I did not receive a dime from bill getner or any hunter, I did not book any hunters for Rick Sears. On the day I walked into camp I was verbally attacked by Bill Getner and Bill decker who were both under the influence of alchohol. They insisted I give them there money back immediately. I explained to them I didn't receive any money from them, how could I give them a refund. Mr Getner suggested "well he's your uncle tell him to pay you back" They continued there assault on me,showed me their contracts and insisted they had been cheated. These men caused so much tention in camp that no one could consentrate on the task at hand,(elk hunting) every day was more of the same," I was lied to, I was cheated, I want my money back". On the afternoon of the 3rd day I came to camp with my girl friend at the time( a christian woman who is a 12 year college graduate,registered nurce employed by the federal govt in the united states health service(a uniformed branch of the govt) Bill Getner, Bill Decker and his wife were all drinking beer and liquor. Well the assault begins with "where's my money" I sat down to talk with the three, my girl friend went into the kitchen. There was a lot of violent profanity being used. These people were very upset,but I was not the person they should have been upset with,but I would do my name is Sears. Bill sais I was rude to his wife, well if being rude was defending myself after being called a lying c#!^k s!#cker and many other choice names and having Bill Getners wife jump off the couch get in my face clinch her teeth and fists and then kick me in the shin, then yes I was rude. At this time I informed all of them that they were in violation of the conduct code portion of there contract and I could legaly have them removed from camp and file charges for assault which guides and my girlfriend witnessed. This was a clesr result of to much whiskey to much beer and a lot of anger and frustration. I decided it was time for me to leave. I did not file any report I just did not return, but called the camp every day of their hunt. One of the hunters claimed he had a thousand dollars stolen from his bedroom, they all claim this to be true,well these allegations were never confirmed nor was there any proof what soever any money had been stolen except for 3 very angry hunters claiming they had been ripped off and lied to and saying they were stole from. Mr Getner makes the most dispicable statements on his huntersbeware website about my girl friend, a woman whom he had never met before, knew nothing about and had nothing to do with any part of Mr Getners experience. Please go to his website and read the satatements he makes about a woman who is in church every Sunday, helps people with the care and quality of there life every day and has done nothing to anyone but try and help them to live and enjoy a better life. This is the kind of man William Getner is. Do his words hold merrit? You decide

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