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Outfitter Review - Pine Ridge Outfitters

Submit Date: Sep 19, 2005

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Pine Ridge Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Wayne Holloway

Location: Newfoundland, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Moose / Caribou

Game Quality: Fair

Game Quantity: Poor

Accomodations: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Excellent

Guide Experience: 1 - Great, 1 - Poor

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Review Information

Hunter: rob childs



Would Recommend: No

Overall Impression: Disappointed

I submitted the following email to the outfitter after our hunt and did not recieve a response: Wayne, Comments from our 9/04 hunt (I intended to send this sooner): Arranging our hunt with you was very professional and pleasant. All answers concerning our hunt were answered thoroughly and promptly. We were picked up promptly at the airport by Dave and delivered to a hotel (since the weather was too poor to go to the cabin). We spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and 1/2 of Wednesday at the hotel due to the weather. We were disappointed that some sort of allowance or arrangement was not made for this unfortunate event since we paid for 1 week of food and lodging. Fortunately we brought along extra money to cover these unexpected expenses. During the 3 1/2 days were stuck in the hotel we were not well informed as to the status of our departure. A call each morning would have been very helpful. Each day we waited until around 8 - 9 am for a call from Dave and finally contacted him for a status report. Often times he was unavailable and " on his way to our motel". It was common for us to wait until around noon without an update of our travel status to the lodge. On Wednesday afternoon a helicopter was arranged to transport us to the lodge. This was a great experience. The lodge was beautiful and accommodations more than expected. Our cook Clyde was extremely accommodating. 2 hours into the hunt I shot a small caribou. We went back to camp for the Argo to retrieve the caribou. The Argo broke down a short distance from the cabin and we walked back. On Thursday we spent the day packing out my caribou and a moose my Dad later shot. Note: The Argo was one of the reasons we booked a hunt with you. Our guides were both personable. My guide was a nice kid but very inexperienced. His tracking skills were poor, he did not know the country well, he had only killed one moose in his life (from the back of a truck). I don't recall him talking about ever killing a caribou himself. When it came to game preparation I was extremely disappointed with the training you had provided him. My Father's guide on the other hand was very experienced and excellent at game care and preparation. Meals were very good and the cook was a pleasure to be around (though a bit unique). Another reason we booked with you, was your claims for game care and shipment to the processor. I shot my caribou on Wednesday pm and my father shot his moose on Thursday am. These animals were ready to be shipped on Thursday pm. The plane did not arrive to pick up our meat until midday on Saturday. Friday and Saturday both approached temperatures of 70 degrees. No other shoot able game was spotted other than the 2 animals we took. We waited for over 2 months to get our meat and trophies back and the cost was substantially more than expected. My caribou rack was wrapped well. Packaging of our meat was disappointing. The moose and caribou meat was not separated or labeled. Much of the packaging was open by the time it arrive to us, we ended up repackaging much of it when it arrived. The packaging also will not protect much against freezer burn. Paper packaging and labeling would have been preferred. We found Dave very difficult to contact and our numerous calls were not returned. The insulated boxes used to ship our meat were very nice.

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