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Outfitter Review - Cinnamon Ridge Hunting Lodge

Submit Date: Aug 29, 2005

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Cinnamon Ridge Hunting Lodge

Outfitter / Contact: Trent Horne

Location: SC, usa

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: white tail deer

Game Quality: poor to none

Game Quantity: poor to none

Accomodations: fair

Camp Condition: messy

Food Quality: good

Guide Experience: poor

Other Personal Experience: fair

Review Information

Hunter: george



Would Recommend: never

Overall Impression: terrible

we went on a 3 day deer hunt and we just left the lodge and didnt even attempt to finish our last hunt of the evening(we paid our bill first). only one of us saw any deer all dows and fawns with the eception of one tiny spike and one other spike. the guide said why didnt shoot the spike? we didnt travel from new york to sc to shoot spikes there all over nys. we went there for reasons one was to see some decent racks. the main reason we went was to take our dad for his 75th birthday in hopes that he would finally shoot a buck!! the owner of the lodge trent ws made aware of this at the time of booking and it was reiterated to trent on many occaisions our guide just looked as if he didnt care about us . other hunters roamed the property one actualy tried to climb into my brothers stand we thoght we were huntin on exclusive properties? the other things not until we arrived were we informed about rules and fines that we had to sign for such as if i shot the spike above the only oher deer i was able to shoot was 8pts and better with a 12 in. spread? all this rules almost made my dad leave from the onset. theres a few thats not put in their brochure or website you shoot a deer there is a 25 dollar guttting and processing charge. (THE GUIDE SAID HE NOT ALLOWED TO FIELD DRESS IT MUST GO STRAIGHT TO THE PROCESSOR HIS LAND OWNERS DONT ALLOW IT??) he also wont let you any butchering at the lodge he says its too messy!! it a hunting lodge. lastly the lodge is and surroundings do nat match the their ads the outside messy and dishevaled the rifle range is clutterd and in disrepair inside is fair at best all i can finish with is save your money go els ware

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