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Outfitter Review - Texas Outfitters Ltd

Submit Date: Feb 22, 2005

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Texas Outfitters Ltd

Outfitter / Contact: Frank Fackovec

Location: Texas, usa

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: boar

Game Quality: none

Game Quantity: none

Accomodations: unknown

Camp Condition: unknown

Food Quality: unknown

Guide Experience: unknown

Other Personal Experience: unknown

Review Information

Hunter: Kevin Schrader

Phone: 7168304767


Would Recommend: no

Overall Impression: very bad experience

The owner promised us several accomodations on the trip that never came true. We booked the trip through him for a group to boar hunt and an Auodad hunt for two of us. He told us we would go to another ranch for the Auodad hunt and would be back in a half a day or one day max. We never made it to his ranch at all for the boar hunt. At his ranch was four other of our friends that were waiting for us, like we planned when we booked the trip. The owner charged a friend and I $750.00 apiece for the hunt at his land and $1750.00 apiece for the Auodad hunt on the other ranch. We never made to his ranch at all, and he refused to give a refund for the hunt on his land. I feel he cheated my friend and I out of $750.00 due to the fact we never stepped foot on his ranch to hunt boar like he promised. He is a terrible outfitter that makes all in the business look bad. On top of denying a refund, he refused to talk about the issue and hung up the phone. He will not call me back and sent e-mails that degraded us and called us names. He also made threats through these e-mails. A real man would have at least offered a free hunt on his ranch, but not him. He took our money and wanted nothing to do with us after we traveled about 1500 miles. It was a totally bad experience that cost a lot of money and made stress on what was suppose to be a vacation. If any one wishes to find out more about the incident please feel free to call.

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