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Outfitter Review - Weathered Horn

Submit Date: Dec 19, 2004

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Weathered Horn

Outfitter / Contact: Cal Haskell

Location: Utah, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Elk ML Self Guided

Game Quality: None

Game Quantity: None

Accomodations: n/a

Camp Condition: n/a

Food Quality: n/a

Guide Experience: n/a

Other Personal Experience: n/a

Review Information

Hunter: Don DeBouver

Phone: 419-424-3956


Would Recommend: No never

Overall Impression: Poor

Booked this unguided hunt on recomendation of a Utah friend thru Lonnie Builder of Weathered Horn Outfitters. We were told that last year's success rate for the muzzle loader hunt was 17 out of 20 hunters; found out later that was a total lie. Also was told that we should expect to shoot a 300 to 350 class bull with no trouble. After we sent the last payment of our deposit the end of August we could not get Lonnie to return our calls, tried both his cell phone and leaving messages at the office. When we got to Utah, two days before the hunt, after several attempts we managed to get Cal to come and show us around the the South Fork Creek ranch. He told us that a guard would be at the gate to let us in and a guard would be patroling the ranch for hunters. This wasn't true either. Talked to another group of hunters who had booked their hunt through another broker/outfitter, don't know how two different outfitters could have the same ranch for lease. We asked Cal about last year's hunt success and he said that he had no way to tell or to find out. We hunted hard for the first two days and never saw the first elk or any good fresh sign. Talked to several other hunters and nobody had any luck seeing elk. This ranch had been hunted hard the week before for mule deer and I think the elk were pushed off the ranch. However, we did see lots of deer. This ranch was also the main road to other ranches so it was hard to tell who had hunting rights to be on the ranch. Cal said that he was trying to get Lonnie to buy into the business and that he was learning to talk the talk. I would not ever recommend this outfitter or their hunting leases.

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