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Outfitter Review - Sepaq Anticosti

Submit Date: Dec 13, 2004

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Sepaq Anticosti

Outfitter / Contact: Sepaq

Location: Quebec, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Game Quality: poor

Game Quantity: 17 does and a small buck

Accomodations: excellent

Camp Condition: good

Food Quality: n/a

Guide Experience: good

Other Personal Experience: good

Review Information

Hunter: T. West



Would Recommend: Read review.

Overall Impression: decent, but some concerns

Hello: After reading about SEPAQ Anticosti for many years I decided to finally go. I hunted third week of October 2004 season. The operation is run by the Quebec govt. and they have it down pretty good. What they failed to mention in the brochures is that two years ago there was a massive winter die off and the herd is still recovering. They admit to losing 40,000 deer. I hunted the LAC Martin sector and there were 8 hunters total in our cabin. Four hunters from Canada and four hunters from the U.S. A great time was had by all and we enjoyed some wonderful comraderie. The hunting was weak, to say the least. I saw 18 deer in four days and all except one were does. The buck was young and I elected to pass. I took a meat doe and passed on the rest. The four American hunters score was as follows: one decent eight pointer and six does. The Canadian gentleman took one small buck and four does. We hunted very hard and covered a lot of territory but the bigger bucks were not to be found. We heard later that the kill all over the Island has been down since this last winter kill of two years ago. We were told by the locals that last year was much worse. The hunting is basically conducted by walking trails (and you have no choice but to walk the trails because the woods are so thick you cannot move or see more than a few yards)until you come to the swamps that are spread around the Lac Martin sector. The swamps are where most of our groups action happened. In the Lac Martin sector there are perhaps a dozen stands scattered around and I am told that most of the sectors on the island have no stands. The trails do have deer near them but it is extremely hard to stalk on these trails because of mud, gravel, and noise. If you hunt hard and cover some area you will see deer, but you are not going to see the heards you hear about. In November the deer actually migrate to the shore areas to eat kelp that washes up on the beaches and then you will see the huge herds you read about. If you hunt Anticosti make sure you know how to use a map and compass and a GPS. You must get off the trails to really have a sucessful hunt and some of the swamps are huge and very easy to get turned around in. There are a few other things to make your trip to the Island a little more enjoyable and if anyone out there is going to the Island for their first trip I will be happy to share them. My email is listed at the end here. It is still a unique hunt in a special place and the hunting should pick up in the next two seasons. If you go, good luck!

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