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Outfitter Review - Charlie Stricker

Submit Date: Jul 20, 2004

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Charlie Stricker

Outfitter / Contact: Charlie Stricker

Location: Alberta, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: whitetailed deer

Game Quality: excellent

Game Quantity: excellent

Accomodations: excellent

Camp Condition: excellent

Food Quality: excellent

Guide Experience: excellent

Other Personal Experience: excellent

Review Information

Hunter: Rene Cadene

Phone: 807-229-3144


Would Recommend: Yes!!

Overall Impression: Top quality

This is a response to the report Martin Greeley posted here. Greenley was very good and did really put forth the effort and I felt bad that he didn't get his buck so I offered him a half price hunt for 2004 But I was dissapointed that he sent in a very distorted report. "Saw very few deer--I do know one day he did not see a deer out of his stand and that is bad but does happen to any deer hunter anywhere but I remember how bad I felt for him staying in that stand all day and not seeing nothing.The guides name is Cole Patmore 20 years old and as sharp as they come he saw a big track in the area where he had Martin on stand and that's why he left him there another day, when I found out Martin had seen nothing one day I moved him to a place where he saw 20 deer whitetails one morn he should have stayed there but how do you know I didn't know that he had seen 20 deer that morn if I had I would have left him there because it is a very good spot and there was a big buck there also we had seen it a few days previous. Found out guide lost his access he makes it sound like we didn't have places to hunt the truth is we have oodles of places probably have 40 stands set up to use and thousands of square miles of country I think Martin sat in 7 or 8 stands in the 10 days he hunted. what he refers to as a dumpy cold trailer is a well site or contractors type of trailer which was clean had a nice little wood stove that keeps the place toasty warm and a propane stove to cook on it has bunk beds in it so plenty of room for him and Cole it has plenty of cupboards and a sink and a table with bench seats like a restaurant. I thought its not a bad set up the reason I used it is put the hunters close to the area where they would hunt to save that long drive morning and nite the hunters that hunted there the previous hunt one took a 160 buck WT and the other guy wounded what he thought was a 160 buck and saw several other good sized bucks. He makes it sound like Cole was real incompetent the kid is a real good hunter and I get plenty of complements from other hunters on Cole's performance I get hunters asking if they come back if they can have Cole for a guide He is a good hunter enthusiastic personable likeable good at caping can fix any thing that breaks down he may lack a little in cooking skills and we were steady taking precooked stuff over there that Georgina was cooking up like pies cakes cookies banana bread stew chili I know they had bacon and eggs and home made bread that Georgina had sent over. We are talking about and hours drive from the house to their camp. Then when martin was here at the house he commented on how good the groceries were and how good a cook Georgina was then he turns around and says the food was poor I hope he is referring to Cole's cooking and not Georgina's. At the Lodge here hunters have their own private room with bathroom and shower facilities a large sitting area with satellite TV and a VHS player and a fridge for their beer there is a nice big wood stove with plenty of wood and electric heat to supplement . Experience of other personnel he says not sure I guess that s would include me as I was running the hunt and was on top of all aspects at all times I thought I did a pretty decent job I didn't put Martin on a big deer but every hunter has to realize that that happens sometimes and like I said to start with Martin was the only hunter all fall that didn't have a chance .some hunters are not good in the stands they are steady fidgeting and clearing their throat and you know that a big buck isn't going to show up on their doorstep. But I really thought that Martin was a pretty good sitter The part about the truck showing up at his stand there is truth in that and it's another outfitter that did that on purpose one time to aggravate us now Martin made it sound like there were several instances like that but the truth is there was only one and I have to address that." Charlie Stricker Myself, I have talked to many hunters who did the same hunt and all were extremely pleased. Talking to biologists in Alberta they say this region has been seeing higher numbers of quality deer every year.

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