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Outfitter Review - Cherokee Run

Submit Date: May 4, 2004

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Cherokee Run

Outfitter / Contact: Tom Naumann

Location: South Carolina, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Boar

Game Quality: none seen

Game Quantity: N/A none seen

Accomodations: adequate

Camp Condition: fair

Food Quality: N/A

Guide Experience: UNKNOWN

Other Personal Experience: UNKNOWN

Review Information

Hunter: Scott Shifflett

Phone: 843 821-2236


Would Recommend: NO

Overall Impression: POOR

Prior to taking this hunt I looked for reviews by other hunters. I found none. I'm submitting one in hopes others don't make the mistake I did. I contacted Tom expressing a desire to take my boys on a successful hunting trip for Boar. I'm in the reserves and work full time so I spend a good deal of time working. Since returning from military service I've wanted to do something with my boys to get them interested in hunting and the outdoors as well as making some life long memories together. Tom indicated he had a good number of boar actively hitting baited stands. Said it should be no problem seeing boar and the boys would love it. I confirmed my intent to hunt 4 days prior to arriving. I wrote several emails and made a call to Tom the day of the trip. Once on the road I made calls to ensure I would be meet at the lodge as planned. None of the calls were returned. I arrived at the address just as planned but found no one there. I almost went home. I made one last call stating that I was headed to the store to get the boys a drink and would come back by one more time before leaving. When I arrived back at the camp the guide and his family were there. We got up around 0430 and got out to our hunting location around 630. The guide dropped us off at the gate and gave us instructions on how to find the stand he wanted us to sit. I had copied a map from at the camp and didn't have too difficult a time locating the stand. No evidence of active and maintained baiting was present. All the locations I later walked looked like several days or a week had passed since they last were serviced. Around 1030 I decided to leave our stand and walk the areas not yet seen. While the area does hold boar nothing too recent was obvious. There was no sign of recent baiting at any of the stand locations. We made it back to the first stand location and I called the guides cell phone number. I had to leave a message so it was a good thing we didn't have an emergency. It was 40 minutes later when he came riding through on his ATV dropping corn off at the various stands. This occurred around noon. We meet him back at the truck and headed to camp. I still owed a little money on the hunt so when we got back to the camp I was reminded it would be a good opportunity to go get the money before heading back out around 4pm. The name eat, sleep and hunt shouldn't fool you. You will have to go get whatever you decide to eat and prepare it yourself. My experience: 1) No one returned my calls while I traveled to the camp. 2) No one was there to meet me upon arriving. 3) The stands were not baited prior to noon the day of the hunt. 4) You are left on the stands and have to call and wait on transportation. Be prepared to deal with any emergency. You will get the answering machine when phoning. 5) There is only 1 guide. One of my guides is a misnomer. The guides name is Mike. He traveled as far as I did to get to the camp. That explains why nothing was prepared. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the kids to go on another boar hunt. I really feel bad for them. They were really excited about it. I'm bummed out by the whole ordeal.

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