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Outfitter Review - Water Valley Lodge

Submit Date: Jan 24, 2004

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Water Valley Lodge

Outfitter / Contact: Jake/Pia Utsey

Location: AL, U.S.

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Game Quality: poor

Game Quantity: lots of does

Accomodations: average

Camp Condition: good

Food Quality: excellent

Guide Experience: like the other guy wrote "

Other Personal Experience: don't ask

Review Information

Hunter: Jacob Bunner



Would Recommend: not to my worst enemy

Overall Impression: very poor

I hunted here in Jan 2003 for whitetail. I wasn't frustrated because of poor weather, or other things out of the control of the Utsy's. I hunted for 3 full days and didn't see anything larger than a young five point. That didn't frustrate me. What did Frustrate me was that deer would look up into empty stands, i could see accross the fields, to see if a hunter was in the tree. This indicates that this area is over-hunted. It's hard to see mature deer when even the yearlings know where the stands are, and for what they are used. Jake told me that they had 25,000 acres or so. (I believe that is correct,close anyway)That is alot of land to have pressure this great. In my 3 days, there were around 15-20 hunters there. That was in my three days. That is a warning sign. Sell as many hunts as you can, screw hunting pressure and game management. Their entire game management philosophy is Don't shoot does, and bucks must be 17inch spread. thats it. other than that, unload the busses, pay the man, and start shootin'! yeee haaa. The guides could care less. This was my first "outfitted" hunt. I had a great time in Wyoming. Im glad i didn't give up after this scam. Any questions, please email me. I am not bitter. I wish i had found this site. before I gave them my money. I don't know who the guys that left positive info are, butI agree with the guy jake called a turd. Of the 15-20 hunters i saw, 2 took legal bucks. One was a beauty. no one even saw a hog. If you want to spend approx $400 a day to see yearlying does and spikes- give 'em a call!

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