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Outfitter Review - Pa-Ko Plantation

Submit Date: Jan 12, 2004

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Pa-Ko Plantation

Outfitter / Contact: J. Paul Taylor

Location: AL, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: WHITETAIL

Game Quality: 18+

Game Quantity: Superb

Accomodations: Top notch

Camp Condition: Top notch

Food Quality: Really Top notch

Guide Experience: Top notch

Other Personal Experience: Top notch

Review Information

Hunter: Pete Knorr

Phone: 941-496-4097


Would Recommend: Highly Recomend

Overall Impression: Fantastic in every aspect

Having just returned yesterday I wanted to post a review while it is still fresh in my mind.I am an experienced hunter with plenty to show over the years but won't bore you with the details.Describe this place...well...Awesome in every way.When arriving I was greeted by Rita and had a warm welcome and got me checked in and took care of the licence ect.She then took me for a personal tour of the compound pointing out where the meals are served and the game house ect.Then I was shown to my cabin. These cabins are superb.Like new super clean and tidy that include 2 twin beds and a big bathroom & shower.Rita let me know that lunch was served at 12:30 and then I unpacked.Walked over to the range and just double checked that my rifle was sighted in after the trip up from Florida. I was introduced to Dewayne, who is one of the guides. This guy knows this 5,000 acre property real well.He actually must double as a southern comic because at dinner and at the bon fire every night he had me in stitches.The other guide is Lester and he also is the guy that cuts your deer up and de-bones it.Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner were truely increadable.Fantastic southern home cooking at its best! The best Pecan Pie that I have ever had.Now on to the hunt.The first night I was in a box stand and was there 20 minutes and this fantastic 6 point buck stepped out. He was 175 lbs anyway, absolutly one of the most healthy bucks I have seen. Soon followed a doe.Every day you are taked to different stands which gives you a great perspective on just how large this piece of property is.The quality of the equipment is excellent. They have trucks, kawasaki mules ect to get you anywhere. The box stands are all well constructed and a few have heaters as well.The ladder stands are of the best quality out there. This place takes NO shortcuts in providing a great hunting enviorment. They also have many green fields that are planted with barley, winter rye ect.The owner J. Paul Taylor is one guy that really gives a damn about his guests. He frequently talks to every person and really gets you involved with the every day thinking of what is ahead.Educating you on the way of the area and deer habitat. He certainly knows what he is doing and has put together a sensational deer envoirnment.It certainly shows.I passed up 3 6point bucks , 2, 4 pointers that were all beauties and the last night a 8 pointer came out of onto one of the fields and he had broken the other half off.It was fresh and he was over 200lbs for sure.I yielded a doe and its at the butcher now and passed on a few does that I could have taken earlier in the trip.All of these deer were healthy and looking good.This place is a bullseye for sure. Extremely hard to be dissapointed with any aspect of Pa-Ko.I will be back with my brother for next year for sure.I went this year to check it out and plan on being a long term customer.A very target rich enviorment.By the way... in the game room is a pool table dart board tv and tons of good cigars,top shelf liquer and a huge beer cooler which is all included in the price. After dinner grab a brandy,cigar and either play some pool or go outside to the huge bon fire that is burning every night.Pa-Ko is hard to beat.Its worth every single penny of the experience.Just hope J. Paul doen't read this and raises the prices. If anyone has any questions at all, you are urged to contact me anytime.I always tell it like it is.Best of hunting where ever you may go.Pete KnorrVenice, FLsellproperties@aol.com

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