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Outfitter Review - Kanguk Caribou Outfitters

Submit Date: Nov 19, 2003

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Kanguk Caribou Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Serge Tessier

Location: Quebec, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Caribou

Game Quality: fair

Game Quantity: very, very, very poor

Accomodations: good

Camp Condition: good

Food Quality: good

Guide Experience: fair

Other Personal Experience: fair

Review Information

Hunter: Jed Topham



Would Recommend: NO WAY!!

Overall Impression: very poor

After a long awaited hunt with my father in the end of August- first of Sept. 2003, I have never been so disappointed. The Caribou had already migrated south weeks before. Serge (outfitter) knew this, yet failed to notify any of us or give us a chance to re-book. What few animals we did see were on the other side of the sacred river on Inuit land where we could not hunt. Serge himself did nothing for us as far as hunting went. He drove around in his truck on the few roads in the area. Every time he talked with one of the way overbooked hunting groups he would swear up and down that there were plenty of animals in the area, and that we simply had to look harder. I tell you my friend, day after day of sitting on you butt looking at nothing for 8 hours gets real old real fast. Hunting ended every day promptly at 4:30 pm where you had to be back at the road to be picked up by the bus. One evening I had an average bull spotted across the river after seeing next to nothing all day. I spotted the animal at 4:30 pm and hoped to see him swim the river, but I was immediately told by our guide that hunting was over for the day and that I was to immediately go back to the road. In other words, you sit in camp and waste 2-3 hours of prime hunting time EVERY DAY!!! The hunt was over booked with the majority of the hunters killing cows or nothing. I personally did not pay over $4000 to kill a cow. Serge is a strict business man with the almighty American Dollar speaking louder than any demand the hunters may ask of him. I overheard him say to one of the disgruntled members of our group that we were only 25 american hunters, and that there were plenty more where we came from. He was not afraid of what 25 little U.S. hunters would do to hurt his business. I advise you DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS OUTFITTER!!!!! Very few things were as it was advertised or explained to me before our arrival.

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