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Outfitter Review - Alberta Native Guide Services

Submit Date: Jan 17, 2003

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Alberta Native Guide Services

Outfitter / Contact: Ken Steinhauer

Location: Alberta, Canada

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Whitetail

Game Quality: 1 buck on a ten day hunt

Game Quantity: Terrible!!!!!!!!!! 1 buck in ten days

Accomodations: Decent

Camp Condition: Terrible

Food Quality: Decent

Guide Experience: Terrible

Other Personal Experience: Terrible

Review Information

Hunter: Brent Hughes



Would Recommend: Hell No!!!

Overall Impression: Worst I have been on in 8 years

Hunted with him in fall 2000. Takes too many people for the 10 day hunts and only has a few decent places. NO central camp where everyone can see what the others kill. Spreads everyone out all over Alberta to whereever he draws tags and puts them in local houses. He has about 6 favorite return hunters that get to hunt the good ground and sends the new guys to crown land north of Edmonton in Moose country. My brother and I saw 10 moose and 7 deer between us on a 10 day hunt. Another group of guys from New Jersey got stuck in horrible accomodations in an old house and didn't see anything either. 0ne buck walked out on day 7 of the hunt and I shot him. He scored 140. He was the only damn buck I saw in 10 days of hunting. I saw 3 deer and my brother saw 4 TOTAL! We were covered with locals walking thru the woods and driving up to the deer stands with trucks and 4 wheelers during the hunt. To make matters worse Ken never called or came around after he took our money the first day at the airport. He sent my brother and I to a house up north and another two guys with a guide up north that had bad luck. His six favorite return hunters all killed deer, but the 4 extras got screwed! He is by far the WORST Outfitter I have hunted with in the past 8 years! The second 10 day hunt had too many hunters and ended up sending two guys with another outfitter up in Loc Labish that saw a lot better deer and they shot 165-172 BC deer. So if you want to go to Alberta you should check around cause all of his references are the ones who get to go to the good places not the ones who get the shaft..... In 2000 I know of 6 other guys that went there other than my brother and I and they got the shaft too.

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