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Outfitter Review - Frazier Outfitting

Submit Date: Dec 9, 2002

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Frazier Outfitting

Outfitter / Contact: Sammy Frazier

Location: CO, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Elk

Game Quality: Excellent

Game Quantity: Excellent

Accomodations: Average

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: Very Good

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Review Information

Hunter: Tom Finger



Would Recommend: Yes

Overall Impression: Challenging/Excellent

If you want the opportunity to see plenty of elk and the chance to shoot a real nice one, then get in contact with Sammy Frazier. But you better be in excellent shape. Be willing to hike a long distance to find the elk. Be willing to sleep in a wall tent on a mat when its 10 degrees. Be willing to get up at 3:30am and climb some rough terrian after a horseback ride. Be ready to crawl on your hands and knees for a good distance to get yourself in position for a shot. Thats what we did for three straight days until Sammy got me within range of a nice 6x6. During those three days we saw plenty of different elk. Several 5x5's and a couple 6x6's. It was physically draining and extremely thrilling at the same time. The food was excellent. Sammy and his other guide (Jake) worked extremely hard for us. The horses were gentle (great for a non-rider like myself). Sammy gives you a real confidence boost, everyday I went out I thought there was a real good chance that I would get an elk. Our group of three filled out by the third day. There were other unguided hunters in the area who had not seen elk yet. Once you get your elk he takes care of everything. (You help quarter it) If you want a free range hunt to remember and you can shoot and your willing to work at it, then Sammy would be a good choice.

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