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Outfitter Review - Antelope Outfitters

Submit Date: Oct 14, 2002

Outfitter Information

Outfitter Name: Antelope Outfitters

Outfitter / Contact: Ward Anderson

Location: Wyoming, USA

Hunt Information

Animals Hunted: Antelope

Game Quality: Excellent

Game Quantity: Average

Accomodations: Hotel Stay

Camp Condition: None

Food Quality: Hotel Food

Guide Experience: Keith; Excellent Steve; poor

Other Personal Experience: none

Review Information

Hunter: Robert Boles



Would Recommend: No

Overall Impression: Marginal

Ward and I spent a lot of time on the phone prior to this hunt working out details. It was to be a 3 day hunt with other hunting at extra charge. He was sure we would get our Antelope on the first day. Then we did not draw the tags for the area. So, he set us up on a second draw in a lesser area, as for horn size. He would not charge us for the prairie dog shooting since the area had changed, or we could cancel the hunt, and redraw next year. There were three in the group that went from Kansas. The other options were pheasant hunting and Mule deer hunting. All of these we could do in Kansas for large quality then the area in wyoming was posting and for much less. So, we banked on the dog shooting. Arrival in the hotel we meet Ward and one of the quides. Ward inquried about the caliber of our weapons, then appeared to place us in best areas but the size of gun we were going to carry. 7mm, 308, 270. We as a group found it funny that this was one of those magnum crazed freeks, and only long range kills come from magnums. We had a lot of jokes between us since we weren't carring MAGNUMS. He then told us that the state had posioned the dogs. There was an area about 45 minutes away on public land that there might be some dogs. We got up and went to beakfast and meet our 2nd quide, who told us he had not been out this property this year. So, much for the paying for scouting. Sure by lunch we all had our antelopes. By the way, the Magnum missed his 1st shot but killed it as dead as our non magnums on the second shoot. Back at the hotel, the guides did not know of a place to take dog shooting, so we went around town to guns stores. The weather was going to change to snow and with the guides not knowing a place to take us, we spoke with Steve, and reported our concerns that things were not developing as planned. And we wanted to speak with Ward. He went back talked amoungs ourselfs and decided to head back to Kansas and shoot dogs. We thought it reasonable to reburse 2 nights hotel and meals for two days. At 10pm not hearing from Ward, we called him and went to his room to talk with him. We did not hold Ward at fault for the weather or the posining of the dogs. From that point the experince went sore. He had no concern in regards to the mix up in hunting for dogs. And that he had a place but was not sure there was any dogs there. He at first wanted to charge us for shooting dogs then changed is stance and said that is something he might say. His response was he had given an excellent antelope hunt. Yes, but it was Antelope and parire dogs. He told us that he was going to talk with us regarding the concerns from our guide in the morining (0450). And that he was making plans that night to take us shooting. I thought it was rude not to talk to us that night or at least notify us we were to meet him in the am to talk about this concern. It was a 20-30 minute meeting and his general treatment of us, I thought was poor. He told us we make all the mistakes and there was noting that was his mistake or lead to our concerns. We left the next morning for Kansas and had two days of great dog hunting. Will not go back or recommend Ward or Antelope outfitters to others.

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