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Mule Deer

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Mule Deer

Hunton Creek Outfittersunton Creek Outfitters, LLC. is a professional big game outfitting operation based in Wheatland, Wyoming. All of our hunts are conducted on private ranches encompassing over 60,000 acres of prime habitat for Elk, Deer, and Antelope in S.E. Wyoming.  Much of this acreage is credited to a handful of very large, well managed private ranches.  We work closely with ranch owners to maintain quality hunting on all of the ranches, and in doing so produce some fantastic trophies for our clients. 

Our operation is relatively small in scale, when compared to many of the higher profile public land operations in the state.  Being small has its advantages, like greater attention to detail, hands-on management of the ranches, and the big game herds they support.

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Most of our hunting is done from a 4-wheel drive and on foot.  Locating animals, and then making a good stalk is an effective way to hunt the open country of S.E. Wyoming.  Our guides are all Mule Deerlicensed professionals who have spent their entire lives hunting in this area.  All of them are very accomplished trophy hunters themselves, and understand what makes a quality hunt for the client.  Knowing the country and behavior of the animals is their business, and they are good at what they do.

All of our hunts are conducted with professionalism, are fair chase, and all laws and regulations are obeyed strictly.  Below is a list of hunts that we offer, the length of the hunt, and the price.  All prices are fully outfitted, and guided 2x1.  Combination hunts are available for many species, and prices are quoted for any additional service, that is not mentioned below.  As was mentioned, we take a limited number of hunters on large acreages of private land, to ensure that each hunter has our full attention, and ultimately is very satisfied with their hunt. We have lodge accommodations, built in 2001, where our hunters stay and eat.

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Non-resident License Fee Schedule
(Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. Fees)

- Application fee: $14
- Antelope: $272 (regular) - $512 (special) - $110 (youth)
- Deer: $312 (regular) - $552 (special) - $110 (youth)
- Elk: $557 (regular) - $1057 (special) - $275 (youth)
- Turkey: $72
- Conservation Stamp: $12.50
- Archery License: $30
- Preference Point Fee: $50 (elk)

Wyoming is a draw state for non-resident hunters and Hunton Creek Outfitters, LLC. will assist clients with the application process.  S.E. Wyoming is unique in that it is made up of almost entirely private land.  License availability for our clients is very good.  We hunt deer regions 'T' and 'J', which have consistently maintained 100%Mule Deer drawing odds for non-residents.  We also hunt 4 antelope areas that have maintained very good odds for years, including several with 100% drawing odds for non-residents.  We also have late season whitetail licenses available with very good drawing odds.  Our elk areas are more difficult to draw, however this country produces some fantastic bulls.  We hunt an area that opens on October 1st, this is a rifle hunt during the peak of the rut, on two large adjacent private ranches.  Our elk hunting clients have enjoyed great success on trophy bulls for many years.

Antelope: Our antelope seasons begin in early October.  Hunts are 3 days, fully outfitted.  We hunt 4 different areas for antelope and each is equal in its production of trophy antelope.  Our ranches are managed to produce high numbers of antelope, and great buck to doe ratios.  Antelope hunts are exciting and very affordable; they can also be combined with any other big game hunt. Many of our clients choose to hunt with archery equipment and our ranches have consistently produced fantastic archery trophies for many years. Our ranches have very high concentrations of antelope, and our blind locations are perfectly situated to afford our clients the best possible chance at a close range shot.

We are proud to announce that Cabela's Outdoor Adventures is now the exclusive booking agent for Hunton Creek Outfitters.

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Mule Deer: Mule Deer hunts begin in early October and run throughout the month.  Our ranches have earned a reputation for quality trophy mule deer.  We specialize in trophy Mule deer/antelope combination hunts, and manage our ranches to maintain good genetics, and produce some great trophies. Mature bucks can often be spotted from a 4-wheel drive and then a careful stalk is planned to get the client within a comfortable range.

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Whitetail: The whitetail hunts also begin in early October, and run through the month.  We also have a late season license for our area, which has resulted in the harvest of some great bucks.  Whitetail in this country have taken a strong hold in the river drainages and agriculture areas.  We use stands and blinds placed near key feeding areas such as corn and alfalfa fields.  We also spot and stalk these smart old bucks when they travel over open country to feed.  We offer only a few whitetail hunts on our ranches, however if you are looking for a chance at a good buck, this is a great opportunity.


Elk: Elk Hunts begin in Early October, the first of which is a rifle hunt in the peak of the rut.  The elk on these big ranches are around all year long, these are not migrating elk.  The quality feed and lack of hunting pressure on the ranches provides a safe area for many elk.  Often bulls can be spotted from the 4-wheel drive, then a stalk can be planned.  Our ranches support large herds of elk, and selective harvest has resulted in the taking of some great bulls by our clients. 

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In addition to the hunts briefly described above, we also offer hunts for Merriam turkey, and waterfowl hunting. If you would like more information about any of these other activities, please call us or send us an email.


We are currently booking hunts for 2014.  Hunt spaces are limited, and spaces are not booked until we receive a 50% deposit on the price of the hunt.  Deposits are refunded if unsuccessful in the license drawing.  We cater to a few hunters and control the harvest on our ranches, this ensures that we can continue to offer quality hunts for quality trophies, without any crowds.  To book a hunt or if you need any more information, please feel free to call us or send us an email.

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For reservations & information, contact:

Clark Noble - [lic. #BG-268]
58 Jackrabbit Rd.
Wheatland, WY 82201
Ph. 307-241-0296
e-mail: hconoble@yahoo.com

Tad Marshall - [Lic. #BG-069]
Ph. 307-631-5925
e-mail: Gunrhuntr@Bresnan.net


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